Influence Weekly #95
September 27th, 2019
Great Stat
47% of internet users now block ads
Use that in your pitch decks of why brands need influencer marketing. Also to note, this is up from around 25% just 3 years ago.
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Great Reads
"Close Friends" on Instagram, for a Monthly Fee
Danielle Wiley, CEO of the San Francisco influencer agency Sway Group says “In calling it Close Friends, Instagram is making it creepier than it has to be....It’s not really Close Friends; it’s gated content. Influencers have just figured out a way to hack [the feature] into something that fits in with their business model,”

The Atlantic's writer, Kaitlyn Tiffany, leaves us with this: It wasn’t really supposed to be about money for anyone other than Instagram, but as with Facebook’s before it, Instagram’s choice to officially brand the word friend is not a neutral one. Designating a type of relationship as a feature of an app is going to have strange consequences.
Deep Dive into Twitch with GlobalWebIndex's: The Meteoric Rise of Twitch.
Twitch’s ad model allows the top 17,000 streamers, which includes professional esports players, to participate in an ad-revenue-sharing program. But importantly, the players, not Twitch, decide in real time when they want the ads to run during their streaming sessions.

Given 3 in 10 Twitch users have purchased a game add-on or downloadable content recently (Index 2.07), and they over-index for video-based product research channels such as vlogs (21%, Index 1.71) and video sites (32%, Index 1.60), this appears to be a very sensible and profitable ad-model. 
Michelle Phan, YouTube Beauty Star, On Why She Left
An incredible stat from this profile: In 2015, “influencer” appeared 55,000 times in search results on LinkedIn. Now, it appears more than 255,000 times.
How Social Media Shapes Brand Storytelling: What Influencers can teach us
- Release pieces of your narrative intermittently.
- Less-Polished means more relatable.
- Keep an open mind, vertical video used to be a faux pas. 
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Talking Points #94: Lumanu & Collectively Inc.
This week’s guest hosts are Tony from Lumanu and Natalie from Collectively Inc.

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