Influence Weekly #85
July 19th, 2019

See years worth of influencer engagement data + key takeaways for marketers
InfluencerDB's recently published Instagram report was covered in Mobile Marketer, Social Media Today, Talking Influence, VICE, and more. Among the findings: sponsored posts outperform non-sponsored, new success benchmarks for all sizes of influencers, and much more. Get the full report for free.

Great Reads
How YouTube stars are using Instagram’s IGTV as a testbed
IGTV’s emergence as a low-pressure alternative to YouTube for creators has its pluses and minuses.

On the one hand, creators are producing original videos for IGTV. That could help to attract more viewers to IGTV by wooing creators’ YouTube audiences to IGTV.

On the other hand, if creators are largely posting videos to IGTV that don’t meet the standards of their YouTube videos, that could cement IGTV as second-hand YouTube.
Cheese Board Inspiration Is New Instagram Food Trend
A few keywords I found exciting about this article and this Cheeseboard trend were: "Tangible" and "Community".  It seems like an oxymoron, New York Millennials, in particular, are definitely looking to put down the phone, yet still stay connected digitally. I think we'll see more art, pottery, and crafts influencers coming up as each of their niches get more and more attention.
Listen to this week's Talking Points with guest agency host Kynship.
Talking Points is the podcast where you get to hear the inside dealings of Agencies. How do they process the news, trends, and info inside each week's Influence Weekly? Each week's episode comes in under 30 minutes; A long coffee break or a short lunch.
More brands are shifting to a direct response influencer marketing strategy.
However, it's very difficult to know which influencers deliver the best ROAs. It's nearly impossible to scale efficiently without help from a larger team.

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Vidcon Roundup
This is the first Vidcon I missed in 4 years. However, I got to follow along through these wrap-up articles. Here's are insights from those who did attend.
  • BuzzFeed: "For the uninitiated, it’s useful to think of VidCon as several different conferences happening simultaneously. For the thousands of mostly prepubescent’s something akin to Comic-Con. For creators, it feels like a film festival, a place to network. For industry leaders and entrepreneurs, it’s a tech summit."
  • CNN: "Vidcon may give the clearest picture of how social media has changed the way young people consume video content, and the rise of internet stars who rival traditional celebrities in terms of popularity."
  • Brendan Gahan: "There are over a half dozen major players in the social video space each vying for the attention of creators. Linkedin now has video, there’s YouNow and Twitch pushing to dominate livestreaming, Snap, Instagram, and TikTok are battling each other over short form content, and IGTV and Facebook Watch are making real attempts at chipping away at YouTube’s scale. Even Pinterest has a video offering it was touting to advertisers."
  • Phil Ranta: "Brands are looking at their influencer strategy more holistically. Gone are the days of Fortune 500 companies doing a big media spend with a few custom influencer programs mixed in. In the next few years, you'll see more starting their own original production houses, funding tours, and co-creating IP with creators."
  • Amelia Darmawan: "If your strategy doesn't include South East Asia and China, you are already falling behind."
  • Business Insider: "No less than a dozen online creators who spoke to Business Insider this past week had the same piece of advice for aspiring YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagrammers: Be authentic."
  • Airtable: "The best partnerships will leverage an influencer’s creativity and allow creators to make content that resonates with their audience. Not only does this build new potential audiences but it allows for new forms of expression that a brand might not otherwise explore."
  • TechCrunch: "5 trends stuck out to me as takeaways: the prominence of TikTok, the strong presence of Chinese tech companies in general, the contemplation of deep fakes, curiosity around virtual influencers, and the widespread interest in developing consumer product startups around top content creators."
My own takeaways from the variety of takeaway articles:
  • Biggest growth opportunities are in SEA and LATAM. Vidcon recently announced summits in Singapore and Mexico.
  • China is HUGE and here to make a claim for global audiences, See TikTok and Tencent.
  • Creators are not just diversifying their revenue but also their distribution and content types.
Interesting People
  • MrBeast Becomes Part Owner Of VidSummit.
  • Anissa Zajac of House Seven Design + Build fame shares best tips and practices for finding success on Instagram.
  • Jessica Kahawaty Unveils Latest Inter Milan Campaign on her Instagram.
  • Kyle Lindsey went from a Pharma Ph.D to Reviewing cars on YouTube.
  • Grace Helbig helms a Glad ad, in an effort to make a poke bowl in a Kitchen towed by a truck.
Industry News
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