Influence Weekly #56
December 28th, 2018
This Week: Experimenting with a reverse job board, a collab opportunity with a Boomeranger, and a great piece of investigative journalism.
- Hope you enjoy this week's edition.
Great Reads
When a Sponsored Facebook Post Doesn't Pay Off
Great investigative journalism from Taylor Lorenz. Through a combination of cash flow issues and mismanagement, many payments went unpaid to influencers. Speakr has since apologized and is working towards resolution.
Editorial Note: This is why I started Influence.Directory
Why Pet Influencers Are Becoming More Popular
They’re cute, they’re low maintenance, and they will not embarrass your brand, which is maybe why they’re becoming more and more popular. There is also a booming market for fancy dog stuff, like apparel and treats. In 2017, Americans spent $70 billion on their pets.
Influencer Marketing in China: No Longer an Option, Now a Necessity.
Influencers are crucial to marketing efforts in the middle kingdom, because WeChat, unlike Facebook and Google, doesn’t offer data to advertisers allowing them to micro-target very specific demographics.  
How to Influence China and Partner With Local Talent – Talking Trends in Influencer Marketing by Ricky Ray Butler of BEN
Understand China’s unique social platforms and how they operate. It's vital for brands to consider these platforms before planning an influencer marketing campaign in the market.
Interesting People
Industry News
  • Take Relatable's survey now: The 2019 Influencer Marketing Survey for Brands and Agencies.
  • Malaysian hotels are afraid to turn away social media influencers asking for free stay.
  • The Luxury Travel Destination That Is Destroying Instagram Influencers' Credibility | Note: It's Santorini.
  • A new live-streaming app called LiveAF, from the founder of a dating app.
  • Zaful combined a giveaway with an influencer campaign.
  • Amazon Pacts With Hispanic Influencers SandraCiresArt, La Capital, More For Holiday Campaign - According to Reach, the campaign has tracked impressive stats thus far– with over 6.6 million collective views on YouTube
Collab Corner
Wanna be boomeranged?

Collab with Max @mixmaxminiclips

Reply if you'd like an intro, or email him directly (it's in his Instagram bio)
  • He's looking to collaborate with Musicians, Artists, and Creatives.
  • Based in Bali but you don't have to be if you want to collab.
  • See his work below.

Are You Hiring?
Think of this as a reverse job board. Here I'll feature one unique person looking to add value to a company today.
Jeffery Wright 
An always-on digital renaissance man seeks to improve business practices.
  • Certified in Google Analytics, currently working on Facebook Blueprint Certification.
  • Has worked with influencers in gaming and tech.
  • He can gauge how effective campaigns are and whether or not the previous ROI justifies running the same kind of campaign again.
  • Written for AOL and more digital publications like Tecca and Engadget.
  • Has a degree in Screen Writing and Creative Writing.
Reply if you'd like an intro, or connect with him on Linkedin.

Are you looking to be hired and want to be featured? Reply and let me know.
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Bali. Last week I hosted a workshop for local businesses in Bali to activate Influencers.

Here are the slides

You're welcome to ask me anything.

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