Influence Weekly #49
November 9th, 2018
Recap of the Influencer Continuum
The Influencer Continuum, produced by The Marketing Arm, united over 250 invitees, from micro to A-list influencers, marketing leaders from leading brands and partners for three days of discovery and collaboration.
Great Reads
While ultimately it's up to those creators on the platform to understand it, as marketers, it's a good practice to understand it as well. This YouTube study dives into what users are going to YouTube for. Could help towards great marketing strategies for the coming year.

This week, Pew Research Center released a report that includes two sources. A survey of 4,594 U.S. adults and 170,000 "random walks through video recommendations to analyze YouTube's recommendation engine. Click here for their announcement.

Here is a selection of articles from around the web that covers the study. Each uncovers their own interesting angle.
The Atlantic found That the study suggests that YouTube pushes an anonymous user toward more popular, not more fringe, content. But that might not hold for a regular YouTube user with a real viewing history.
The Verge's best takeaway was: Half of YouTube viewers use it to learn how to do things they’ve never done 10 Some of us are on there just to pass the time, though
Broadcasting Cable points out: "Of the 50 individual videos that were recommended most often during the analysis, 11 of them were determined by researchers to be oriented toward children, based on their content."
MediaPost's best stat find was: 61% of parents -- that let their kids watch videos on the site say they have encountered content they felt was "unsuitable for children,”
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Industry News
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