Influence Weekly #73
April 26th, 2019

How leading marketers are scaling high growth channels
Customer expectations are at an all-time high. They want relevant and highly personalized brand experiences.

However, it’s incredibly difficult for traditional creative teams to quickly and affordably deliver enough creative to drive true personalization, especially when it comes to video production and high-quality imagery.

By building creative communities powered by influencers, brands can generate a virtually unlimited amount of diverse, authentic content and solve one of the toughest challenges that marketers face.  Click here to learn more.


Great Reads
It's not play if you're making money': how Instagram and YouTube disrupted child labor laws.
A wonderfully comprehensive report on what it means to work as a child influencer. Yes there are gruesome outliers of abuse, but at the end I think this Guardian article brings a refreshing outlook that perhaps the law needs to change to incorporate the new digital world we live in.
Gabbie Hannah reveals she faked Coachella appearance to prove a point
In her YouTube video revealing the fakery, Gabbie said: “If you’ve paid close attention to me over the last couple or few years, you know I’m not Coachella’s biggest advocate… That was the purpose of this whole thing was how easy it is to fake things on social media.”
Selfie Deaths Are an Epidemic
A recent report found that 259 people died between 2011 and 2017 while stepping in front of the camera in often dangerous destinations. This writer went deep on the psychology of selfies to figure out what's behind the obsession with capturing extreme risk-taking.
With more than 15,000 influencers nominated, The Blogosphere Awards is back on May 23rd in London.

Celebrating the best influencer talent, and influencer brand campaigns, this year's shortlist can be viewed here. Our judges - Zoe Sugg, Nik Speller, Rupa Shah, Chanel Ambrose and Alice Audley - have got their work cut out for them!
If you would like to be involved in the celebrations, there are various opportunities available! Please email either or to find out more.
Applications for the summer 2019 PopBase creator program are now open! 
PopBase allows creators to power an interactive, personalized fan club that can engage their fans anytime, anywhere through applied game mechanics.
Check out their video here.

No budget and no engineering required.  The platform is open to Micro-Macro YouTube/Twitch influencers with 10k - 1m following who want to offer their fans a high end, gamified experience, and monetize on mobile gaming revenue.

Pitch yourself as a PopBase creator here
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