Influence Weekly #90
August 23rd, 2019
Great Reads
Hotel Marketing: Yes, Social Media Influencers are Still In
The problem with any influencer program is vetting and setting KPIs. Successful influencer marketing campaigns are not cheap, but the ROI is what makes all the difference. Part of the problem lies with the hoteliers too. Looking for a piecemeal and economical solution often leads to disappointment.
What teenagers think of social media
Advertising is an accepted part of social media, but it wasn’t always obvious to the group when they were seeing ads. Instagram Stories for example, features “native” ads that look like posts from accounts people follow, which can be confusing, Tanjia said. “Sometimes they show ads in between. The same one as how you’d watch a normal story. Sometimes I don’t realize that’s not a person’s account … it’s like subconsciously (an ad).”
Dubai social media influencer diploma course to start on September 8
It will be offered to 100 active and aspiring social media influencers based in the UAE. Developed by an elite group of university professors with different specializations in media, strategic communications, journalism and media innovation. The program will cover all aspects of social media through six courses.
Talking Points #89: The Social Standard
Dylan Conroy and Ray Kim of The Social Standard guest host this week's edition of Talking Points. Get their perspective on the week that was.
Interesting People
From The Editor
Lessons Learned over Coffee With Marketing Managers
Been meeting with Hotel marketing managers here in Bali this week. I specifically asked about how they work with influencers, and what the hotel wants out of the deal. A few notes that I thought were the most interesting.
  • If they don't fit our aesthetic, we don't work with them.
  • A major hotel with 200k followers says that between their own accounts and UGC, they reach 25 Million people each month.  Do you really think you will make an impact on that? If so, they wanna host you.
  • The best way we love to work with influencers is as Creators. If they have a unique style and we can license two high-res photos, that's work more than $1k. You'll get 2 nights.
If you're interested more in coming to Bali as an influencer, let me know what questions I can answer for you. FYI: I'm writing a guide book.
Industry News
Great Listen
I was just intro'ed to Jeremy Segal's Why Influence.  Here are a couple episodes you might enjoy.

YouTuber Joe Raiti of Raitis Ride
  • Joe was a high school teacher who used to tell his students "YouTube is not a career",  and now he's a full-time YouTuber!
  • He says you need to reply to every single comment, even the bad ones.
  • He's found that daily uploads have been essential for his success because YouTube's algorithm favors channels with daily uploads.
  • Joe creates automotive review videos, but one listener was able to get closure over his father's death; another listener was able to connect with his mentally ill son; it's amazing to hear how you never know how your influence can impact people.
Podcaster Elayne Fluker of Support is Sexy
  • "You can't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20".
  • You need to find what's special about you (or your brand) and double down on that.
  • Elayne's done 5 interviews a week for over 2 years on her podcast.
  • She's grown from 0 to over 30,000 downloads per month.
  • It's opened so many doors for her business.
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Bali.
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