Influence Weekly #86
July 26th, 2019

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Great Reads
HopperHQ's 2019 Instagram Rich List
The top 10 of the list is a rundown of the most famous people on earth. You know them all by only one name: Kylie, Ariana, Ronaldo, Kim, Selena, The Rock, Beyonce, Taylor, Neymar, Bieber.

The top 10 categorized as Influencers are Lele Pons, Huda Kattan,  Sommer Ray, Zach King, PewDiePie, Logan Paul, Jake Paul, Joanna Gaines, Nash Grier, Araya Albert Hargate (@Chomismaterialgirl)
Famous Birthdays Is Wikipedia for Gen Z
Part of Famous Birthdays’ appeal, aside from the reliable biographical information it provides, is its sophisticated ranking system. Users can contribute to trending or most popular rankings by hitting a “boost” button on their favorite star’s profile, or they can see how their favorite stars stack up in various categories.
VSCO Makes A Sophisticated Photo App. The $500 Million Startup Wants To Be More Than That.
VSCO’s users represent a successful middle ground between Snapchat’s mercurial teenagers and Instagram’s mass audience. 200 million Instagram posts have been tagged with #vscocam. VSCO’s artistically inclined audience is more niche than its competitors, which means maintaining explosive growth an uphill challenge. 
Twitch Dominates Gamer Livestreams, But Its Biggest Stars Are The Biggest Winners
More than half of users 18 years or older watch live-streaming video every week. Among those 18 to 34 years old, the number jumps to more than two-thirds, And a third of the younger viewers watch live-streaming video every day.
A Great Listen
Gil and Kayli, of Hypr, Guest Host Talking Points.
It's the podcast that gets you behind the door, into the offices, and into the middle of the conversation. You get to hear first hand how they analyze the news. They read through and hash out the articles in Influence Weekly.

Gil has an interesting stat on the growth of Influencer Marketing jobs on Indeed. Spoiler Alert: from 0 to 7,700 in 4 years.
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Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Bali
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