Influence Weekly #91
August 30th, 2019
Great Reads
How cosplayers and superfans are driving entertainment conversations on Twitter
For binge watchers, reality TV enthusiasts and self-identified magical creatures, Twitter is like a virtual local bar or living room couch: the perfect cozy spot to congregate with like-minded fans. But for Wes Johnson and his followers, it’s a place to ideate storylines and plot twists that supplement the canon.
Adidas teams with social commerce app Storr to sell sneakers
Last year, Adidas launched a membership program called the Creators Club, essentially giving some of its most enthusiastic consumers early access to products, exclusive drops, and special events.

Now the company is taking this relationship to the next level, allowing members to sell Adidas goods themselves. Social influence is becoming social selling.
Companies make millions off kid influencers, and the law hasn't kept up
Despite the rapid growth of social media platforms, most state child labor laws have have yet to include amendments regulating child labor on social media, and recent efforts to amend the law in California have failed. 

In 2018, an amendment was introduced to the California Labor Code that included requiring employers to get a permit from the Labor Commissioner to engage a minor in social media work. But by the time the amendment was passed, that part of the measure had been struck out.
Interesting People
  • How Josie Sanders, makes Instagram her full-time job in Indianapolis
  • Dr. Vicki Belo nabs nomination at Influencer Awards Monaco. The first filipina to be nominated.
  • Jehava Brown is a house mom and an influencer that started from the bottom with $100 per posts and now earns more than $3000 per post
  • Huda Kattan, the beauty influencer and self-made mogul behind the cosmetics line Huda Beauty, said she recently turned down a $10 million brand campaign.
  • 5 Queer Influencers to follow right now.
From The Editor
Lessons Learned over Coffee With Influencers
Met with 3 influencers here in Bali this week. I specifically asked about their issues and problems.  Turns out the biggest problem on their mind is that six weeks ago their engagement stats dropped 30%. And they don't know why.

Another problem is that they just don't know what they can do to grow their audience. 
I built Creator Growth Lab for that. Here's a bunch of awesome guides to help you and every influencer grow.
Industry News
  • How Brother Uses Influencer Marketing to Appeal to a Younger Generation |  A Case Study from Influo
  • How this iDeal of Sweden made itself achingly Instagrammable
  • Pentatonix Kicks Off Yearlong Brand Deal With RCA Electronics.
  • The Navy’s newest recruiting strategy: YouTube influencers
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Seminyak
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