Influence Weekly #47
October 26th, 2018
Great Reads
YouTube's new educational creator fund: $20 million.
YouTube checks off one of the 5 initiatives they stated in early 2018. Applicants must have a YouTube channel with at least 25,000 subscribers, and explain their plan for educational videos that build on one another.
Who's Using Instagram?
This year, 104.7 million people in the US—or 31.8% of the population—will use Instagram, a 13.1% increase from 2017, according to eMarketer estimates.
How Advertisers Are Using Twitch To Reach People Who Hate Ads
US men 18-34 were the most likely demographic to use ad blockers. This was largely attributed to young men in tech and gaming communities.
Influencer 50: Nominations Open for Top Influencers of 2018 by Talking Influence
The Influencer 50 is not an award or ceremony, it is an industry-led online list hosted by Talking Influence, showcasing 50 individuals within the influencer marketing that have really made a difference to the industry over the course of 2018
‘We’re in the dark’: Asics wades warily into micro-influencer marketing
Asics’ shift to smaller influencers is also about control. The advertiser prefers to deal directly with its influencers, who usually put agency and management executives between themselves and the brand the more popular they get, said Hamacher.
Interesting People
Industry News
Are you an influencer looking to take a Mental Health break, or want time to work on a larger project? And you don't want to lose followers!

I'm working on a new service called "Intermission" that allows your social accounts to thrive while you go away for a week or two. 

Reply and let me know you want it.
Added 12 new agencies to Influence Directory this week.
6 are based in Southeast Asia.
Edited by Andrew Kamphey on my way through Taiwan on Tuesday and Bali on Wednesday. In either? Let's coffee.

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