Influence Weekly #82
June 28th, 2019

What influences fashion influencers? Global study reveals important insights about booming industry vertical.
The 2019 Global Fashion Influencer Study released by provides a closer look at one of the most popular and thriving influencer communities on social media.

Some of the key questions the global survey with 1,000 fashion influencers answers are:

Where are influencers turning to for fashion inspiration and ideas?
Where are they doing their fashion shopping?
Which are their favorite fashion brands on social media and why?

Download the study here.


Great Reads
Fanbytes Turns Clients' Songs Into Viral TikTok Hits
Many of Fanbytes’ most successful campaigns have involved creating a TikTok movement around a particular song. One recent push involved promoting the song “The River” by Norwegian singer AURORA, whose record label, Decca Records is owned by Universal. To market the track and tie its marketing to mental health awareness, Fanbytes created the #YouCanCryChallenge.
Transgender Creators Find A Home On YouTube But Challenges Remain.
An omnibus of perspectives on what it's like to be Transgender, a Creator, and get demonetized & restricted.
  • Creator Reed Wetmore said YouTube has been a “lifeline” for the trans community.
  • Darnell Motley, researcher for LGBTQ health at the University of Chicago’s Ci3 initiative, is concerned that demonetization could discourage trans creators from continuing their work on the platform. 
  • Ash Hardell: “For YouTube to age restrict a video, it cuts [young people] off from important education,” 
  • Ty Turner, a trans creator, said YouTube was where he learned “what being trans was in the first place.”
  • Aaron Ansuini, a trans creator who discusses disability, mental health and art on his YouTube channel, said posting on the platform has helped his self-esteem and confidence.
  • YouTuber Kat Blaque says “Being monetized is a blessing, it’s not a guarantee,”
The State of Instagram Marketing 2019 - Part 4: Instagram Analytics
In response to the question ‘How useful do you find Instagram’s native analytics data for your strategic planning?’, the majority indicated that they’re only ‘Somewhat’ useful for their purposes.
FYI: Exactly the reason I made
Brands are putting 'Instagram content' on their own sites
According to Curalate, when brands bring Instagram or lifestyle content to their website, consumers spend 250 percent longer on the site. And consumers who view the content convert at a 140 percent higher rate than shoppers who don’t.
Talking Points #81: Open Influence
Hosted this week by CEO Eric Dahan & Maggie Reznikoff, Head of Account Management, West Coast.

They dive deep into last week's Influence Weekly and bring up Facebook's Libra along with Gen Z ads and Car Dealers getting sued.

Talking points is a new podcast format where I turn the analysis batton over to readers who happen to work in the same office. You too can participate. Email me.
One Day Influencer Marketing Masterclass in London Friday, July 5th
Through a mix of tutorials, practical activities, and group session work, you will learn how to devise creative strategy, expertly identify influencers, analyze data, set KPI's and build long-term relationships with relevant influencers.
Interesting People
Industry News
  • Bytedance gathers 1 billion monthly users across its apps
  • How the winning formula of influencer marketing, sponsored social, and quality content made me pay $69 for an app.
  • Pee Safe, a female hygiene and sanitation brand, is expecting an overall growth of 200% in FY 19-20. To achieve this growth, the brand, for which influencer marketing is the key consumer-driving medium, plans to spend heavily on digital marketing.
  • Steller's Travel Influencer Digital Tour Leaves Irish Eyes Smiling
  • Takumi, the influencer marketing service, is expanding into five new markets: France, Spain, Italy, Austria and Switzerland; growing its presence to a total of eight markets including UK, Germany, and the U.S.
  • Cameo Raises $50 Million In Series B, Has Hosted 275,000 Video Shoutouts In 2 Years
  • Instashop: How Instagram wants to ‘connect the dots’ from users to retailers
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