Influence Weekly #88
August 9th, 2019

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Great Reads
Cleanfluencers are Famous for Cleaning Their Homes 
Cleanfluencers wear the kind of clothing you’d expect anyone to dress in to do chores, making it easier for viewers to see themselves in the footage. And unlike the makeup and clothing-haul videos other influencers post, cleanfluencers recommend cleaning products that are cheap, so most people can afford them. Comments on cleanfluencer posts are friendly, complimentary, and apolitical. And, of course, each cleaning video has a happy ending: a home that’s spick and span.
What makes a high-performing Story, according to Instagram
Following research into the performance of thousands of Stories on their platform, Instagram has released insights on what makes them so effective.
Dallas Influencers Explain What And Whom They Are Influencing
Meet: Antoine Howard, Courtney Garza, Maria Sanchez, Dania Badawi, Kara Shannon and Lily Kramlich-Taylor. 
The influencers all express a common theme. Their mission, as they said, is to inspire others. Ultimately, the ever-increasing rise of digital entrepreneurship might tell us more about people as a whole than about influencers alone: we all desperately want to be inspired.
Instagram Is Hiring a Meme Liaison
According to Lila King, Instagram’s head of news and publishing partnerships, the person will work within Instagram’s partnerships division to identify important new formats and trends while also serving memers already on the platform, including large and well-established meme accounts like @KaleSalad, and @Daquan, as well as the rapidly growing next generation of accounts run by mostly teenagers such as Winch.
Case Studies
Think with Google breaks down 2 campaigns from Edgewell Personal Care Brands: Shick and Bulldog
The combination of branded and paid content proved to be a success for both brands. Schick Intuition saw a 229% lift in ad recall and a 113% lift in purchase intent. Bulldog saw a 127% lift in purchase intent and a 2X increase in click-through rate to the site, compared to the benchmark.
Diet Coke's 'Unlabeled' Marketing Strategy With Influencers
Not only is Diet Coke using influencers to promote brand values which will ultimately sell more of their product. The brand integrated the product into the campaign by removing labels from the campaign sending a clear message to consumers that if you buy Diet Coke you’re buying Diet Coke’s values. 
A Great Listen
Talking Points with Guest Hosts Reed Naliboff and Taylor Lagace of Kynship.
It's the podcast that gets you behind the door, into the offices, and into the middle of the conversation. You get to hear first hand how they analyze the news. They read through and hash out the articles in Influence Weekly.
Interesting People
  • New York-based fashion influencer Charlotte Groeneveld, aka @thefashionguitar has launched an affordable and gorgeous clothing collection, but there’s a catch: you’ve only got 11 hours (at time of writing) to buy it.
  • Interview with TRIBE CEO Anthony Svirskis by Influencer Update.
  • LA Instagram influencers to follow for lifestyle inspiration, from The Blonde Salad to Julie Sariñana
  • @hadyouatsalaam is spreading awareness of the Sudan uprising.
  • 5 Patreon Travel Content Creators You Should Already Be Following
  • Meet, Caitlin Doughty, the YouTube Mortician teaching people not to fear death.
  • Meet Amber J Lawson of Goddess Process in Venice. She also runs Good Amplified, Amplifying the Good of nonprofits through storytelling across social media.
Industry News
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