Influence Weekly #76
May 17th, 2019

Talent Resources
With content coming out each day, Talent Resources specializes in finding the right event opportunities to break through the clutter.

Upcoming opportunities include dinners with icons such as Christie Brinkley in the Hamptons, ESPY's week celebrity golf tournament, and events during NY Fashion Week. 


Great Reads
Here's What's Driving Digital Purchases
People really do want to keep up with the Kardashians and other social media influencers. More than half (52%) of those surveyed who use social media said they have clicked on an influencer's post. Nearly a third of those (31%) have then gone on to buy the item, while 12% admit they use social media browsing for inspiration.
A Pod Of Her Own: Dear Media Bets Influencers Can Amplify Podcasts By Women
The company is helping a growing number of mainly female social media influencers create and distribute podcasts to their audiences and beyond. So far, the effort is generating between 4 and 5 million podcast downloads per month.
Why General Mills is spending more of its digital budget on influencers
They are spending about a third of their digital on influencers. Arjoon Bose, head of marketing for Europe at General Mills, said the decision to spend more on influencers came from the need to show his bosses how effective influencers are compared to other forms of marketing.
Paid Post Timeline
Last week I asked how long do you ask for paid posts to stay live?  
Because of this article that covered a cafe owner who didn't want to pay once a post was archived.

Sonia Laglotz, Founder of Round Twelve says
Most of our contracts require hired talent to keep a post up for a period of one year. When influencers archive prior to that, it skews the perception of the number of paid posts they have done or can lead a brand in a specific category to think that they might have exclusivity over a category when that is actually false. 

Carina Toledo, Influencer Partnerships Manager at Awin says
Our agreements in the UK ask that sponsored content is kept live for a minimum of 6 months. My thoughts are that if they don’t want that content on their feed/blog/channel for 6 months, they should not be agreeing to the collaboration and should strive to work with brands that they are proud of.
California Consumer Privacy Act
Legislation will negatively impact blogs and businesses
Help fix The California Consumer Privacy Act before it goes into effect on January 1, 2020. Write to your representative in one click here: and email: to sign up for an upcoming meeting with elected officials. There is one in Sacramento on June 4.
Over 1,000 Influencer marketing professionals to meet at IMCX. July 9-11th in Los Angeles
Connect & learn from over 60 industry thought leaders. IMCX is a must attend for brands, agencies, and others involved in influencer marketing. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities available. Register TODAY, save up to $300. Visit for more details.
WEBINAR [29 MAY]: Analyzing the State of Influencer Marketing 2019
Join our webinar to learn where investment in influencer marketing is going, and which initiatives are most effective for differentiating your brand to increase awareness and drive ROI. We'll uncover the current trends, biggest challenges and best performing influencer tiers, channels and formats.
"We've been searching for a direct response, influencer marketing agency and finally found it with Influencer Response!"
Influencer Response founder, Josh Butowsky, says there is a huge desire for direct response influencer marketing but most brands don't know where to find it. Through the power of group buying and a database of thousands of CPA-based influencer results, Influencer Response promises their clients the lowest influencer rates while also removing the guesswork from day one.  Click here for the future of direct response influencer marketing.
Linqia's 2019 State of Influencer Marketing
Learn more in the new report showing how marketers use micro-influencers and measure success. A couple of interesting stats were: 74% of marketers are using influencer content in other marketing channels. 57% saying that influencer outperforms branded content.
Download the report from Linqia now.
Interesting People
Industry News
Industry Events
Over 50 Events for Influencer Marketing Agencies, Creators and Marketers to attend
  • 33% are outside the U.S.
  • 76% within the next 6 months
  • 10% within the APAC region
Why All The Stuff About Podcasts?
You might not have noticed but I've covered a few more types of creators recently. Specifically podcasts. Even in this edition podcasts are mentioned twice.

Why? Because it's on my mind. I'm launching a podcast.

It's not your normal interview of the week. Just like this newsletter is not a normal tweetstorm of information. 

The podcast is being delivered by email. It is actually part of a new, paid version of the newsletter you're getting now.

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But wait there's more
The most important feature of the $5 a month version is that you tell me what features to include.

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