Influence Weekly #87
August 2nd, 2019

Launched Creator Growth Lab on Product Hunt.
It's a big week, we launched our experimental Instagram tracker into the wild of Product Hunt. If it's unfamiliar, Product Hunt surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share and geek out about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations. Go check out Creator Growth Lab on Product Hunt.

Great Reads
The British Beauty Council's Value of Beauty Report Mentions Digital Influencers
Page 32 mentions "Digital Influencers": In 2019, there are a total of more than 2,768 influencers with a presence in the industry, with many of these having suitable platforms to promote beauty products. A total of only 108 have one million or more Instagram followers, with more than three-fifths having fewer than 50,000.
An Instagram without likes, A #paid research report
For the majority of creators, Instagram’s experiment has caused a significant drop in the posts’ average number of likes. The simplest reason for this drop is that without visibility likes just don’t matter. 
A third of the creators are experiencing fewer comments on their posts.
Since likes started being hidden, follower growth has slowed for nearly 50% of Instagram creators.
A Week in the Life of Popular YouTube Channels. Research by Pew Research Center
  • As of Jan 1st, 2019, There were 43,770 channels with at least 250,000 subscribers. That's +9,689 channels from a year before. A 32% YOY increase.
  • These channels collectively posted nearly a quarter-million videos in the first seven days of 2019, totaling 48,486 hours of content.
  • The average video posted by these channels during this time period was roughly 12 minutes long and received 58,358 views during its first week on the site.
  • Videos mentioning words like “Fortnite,” “prank” or “worst” received more than five times as many views at the median as videos not mentioning those words.
Meet Farmers who earn more from YouTube than their crops
  • Zach Johnson, who grows corn and soybeans in Minnesota, is known in YouTube circles as MN Millennial Farmer.
  • Suzanne Cook, or WT Farm Girl, has racked up nearly 40,000 subscribers documenting her experience as a first-generation farmer, learning and failing in front of the camera.
  • Josh Draper, or Stoney Ridge Farmer, has more than 220,000 subscribers following his journey of building a first-generation cattle farm from an dilapidated tobacco plantation. 
Talking Points #86: Brendan Gahan, Epic Signal and Joshua Cohen, Tubefilter
Brendan and Josh riff on Kylie’s worth, Famous Birthdays’ quality control, Why you’re losing Instagram followers, and hear Brendan pontificate over how he generated half a billion views on TikTok.
Influencer Response says podcast media has become 40% of their business and it's growing.
IR focuses on getting brands immediate ROI using a 360 approach that includes the podcast's social media, newsletters and more.  Director of Partnerships, Noelle Caliguri says, "We find our clients experience the best results when the hosts do live, endorsed reads that are baked into the show."
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Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Bangkok.
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