Influence Weekly #78
May 31st, 2019

Where Influencers and Brands Work Together With Purpose 
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Great Reads
Fighting for your wallet: Can West Chester-based QVC compete with Instagram influencers and YouTube stars?
An interesting stat from this article: The amount of time Americans spend on their mobile phones is expected to surpass time spent watching television for the first time this year.
‘It’s all cylinders firing’: Inside Shopbop’s largest influencer campaign to date
"For Shopbop’s Lake Como trip, eight influencers were in tow, including @jamiechung, 1.3M Instagram followers, @jessicaclements, 653K followers, @thefashionguitar, 437K followers

The KPI for the Summer of Shopbop campaign and corresponding trips is social engagement, with sales being a bonus — it’s coming out of Shopbop’s brand budget versus the performance marketing budget. The idea is that building the brand on social platforms will have a halo effect, eventually resulting in revenue. Cost per engagement will be reviewed to determine the campaign’s effectiveness and efficiency."
Case Study: How Daniel Wellington is still top of the influencer marketing game.
Their strategy: Freebies, Hashtags, Discounts, and Daily Competitions. It’s the most-mentioned brand mentioned in influencer posts using the #ad hashtag, according to a 2019 study by Social Bakers. It’s very happy about working with influencers and promotes it whenever it can in order to garner even more.
Inside the Influencer Hustle: What They Wish Brands Knew
Loreen Hwang of Coucou Joulie is an influencer with an audience of over 100,000 followers. She says, “Making sure you’re authentic to yourself, to your audience. Sometimes I get offers that are great but then I think do I want my page or blog to be a giant ad? Of course not. Your audience can see right through that. ”
Over 1,000 Influencer marketing professionals to meet at IMCX. July 9-11th in Los Angeles
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More brands are shifting to a direct response influencer marketing strategy.
However, It's very difficult to know which influencers deliver the best ROAs. It's nearly impossible to scale efficiently without a large team. Click here to learn how to remove the guesswork and see rapid growth with no influencer platform or set up fees needed. - Influencer Response
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