Influence Weekly #80
June 14th, 2019

Influencer Fraud: Everything You Need To Know
Open Influence created this mini-documentary outlining the risks and red flags associated with fraudulent activity. The video features insights from OI employees. They discuss what’s currently being done to tackle influencer fraud - both from a technological and strategic level.


Great Reads
Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends Report 2019
Why does this matter to Influencer Marketing? Because we're all working on the internet. 
  • Internet ad spending accelerated in the US, up 22 percent in 2018. 
  • Americans are spending more time with digital media than ever: 6.3 hours a day in 2018, up 7 percent from the year before. Most of that growth is coming from mobile and other connected devices
  • Faster wifi and better phone cameras have encouraged a surge in image taking. More than 50 percent of Twitter impressions now involve posts with images, video or other media; Twitter used to be text-only.
Talking Points: Influence Weekly: The Goat Agency
The first episode of a new podcast format. Listen in on what's going on behind the scenes at The Goat Agency when they read Influence Weekly. The Goat agency hosts, Harry and Esme remind me about Cannes Lions this week. Make sure to watch their one-of-a-kind daily vlog.
The Legal Eagle examines the lawsuit that could change esports forever - Tfue v. FaZe Clan
While it's a 20-minute video, It's well worth it as the host examines the complaints and gives a bit of legal insight into why this occurred. 
Estee Lauder's Financial analysis reveals amazing insights into the beauty industry.
  • At Clinique, more than 80% of media spend is in high ROI channels like digital, influencer activations, and consumer experiences, reducing the cost of customer acquisition by 30%.
  • Twenty years ago Korea was an emerging economy, yet now boasts the largest per capita female spend on prestige beauty.
  • A decade ago the average woman used 2-5 lipsticks in her daily routine. This has increased today to 5-10 lipsticks.
  • In 2015, department stores accounted for 74% of total sales and have since declined to around 50%.
Over 1,000 Influencer marketing professionals to meet at IMCX. July 9-11th in Los Angeles
Connect & learn from over 60 industry thought leaders. IMCX is a must attend for brands, agencies, and others involved in influencer marketing. Exhibit and sponsorship opportunities available. Register TODAY, save up to $300. Visit for more details.
"We've been searching for a direct response, influencer marketing agency and finally found it with Influencer Response!"
Influencer Response founder, Josh Butowsky, says there is a huge desire for direct response influencer marketing but most brands don't know where to find it. Through the power of group buying and a database of thousands of CPA-based influencer results, Influencer Response promises their clients the lowest influencer rates while also removing the guesswork from day one.
Click here for the future of direct response influencer marketing.
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