Influence Weekly #89
August 16th, 2019

Stop wasting your marketing budget on fake followers!
Marketers lose over a billion dollars of marketing budgets to fake followers every year! We analyzed more than 1.6 million Instagram accounts and 25% of them are using fake strategies. Steer clear from fraudulent influencers by downloading InfluencerDB's guide to spotting fake followers!

Great Reads
Burn victim influencer asked to Set Hair On Fire by brand
Sophie Lee, 23, was left with scars to her face and torso after an air conditioning unit blew fire back into her face last year. She told The Sun: “Influencers should be a good influence and not just do anything for money - that's not what I'm about."
No more numbers! Illustrators like Dan Woodger on Follower Bias
An illustrator with 10k+ followers: Who's the audience? It’s a good bet that 80% of them are made up of fellow artists, art directors, art students, graphic designers, etc. When a company's marketing team commissions this illustrator to promote their product, is this the audience they're hoping to reach? This article's not so sure.
Influencers Are Taking Their Following Offline, One Meetup At A Time
“With 50% of our day now spent on-screen and heaps of rising influencers to choose from, followers are now responding to the content that is most authentic. Nothing is as real as belonging to an in-person community who shares your niche interests, lifestyles, or beliefs, curated by your favorite influencer” says Teri Yu, CEO of Vibely.
Lessons Learned Having Coffee With Creators
Your editor here, I’ve started a series of small invite-only gatherings between Creators and Hotels in Bali called #CoffeeAndCollabs. This week was our first one. Here are the lessons I learned from this session.
  • “Posting feels like a 2nd job.”
  • Nobody uses Snapchat
  • Hotels get hit up for free rooms, by their friends and friends of friends. They consider these influencers.
Talking Points #88: InfluencerDB and Social Standard
Brian and Jonathan team up to guest host Talking Points. The podcast that lets you inside the offices of a working Agency. Find out how they interpret and use the news each week to make their work better. 
A boutique podcast and influencer marketing agency on the rise
Influencer Response is a direct response podcast & influencer marketing agency. IR offers a 360 approach that includes the podcast's social media, newsletters & more.  Get the VIP treatment when partnering with Influencer Response.
Interesting People
  • Meet Dheeraj Jorwal, Founder of Brandzup. The man behind top most Indian Youtube influencers
  • 84-year-old Tetsuya Kudo models his grandson's designer clothes on Instagram.
  • Rianne Meijer reveals exactly where her Instagram and Reality differs
  • An analytical look into the Swiss-Italian influencer, Xenia Tchoumi and her MIV from the ongoing partnership with L’Oréal, a brand that the Mega Influencer has been working with since September 2018.
  • Meet the creators who do what it takes to be real Travel Influencers.
Industry News
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Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Bali.

This week's coffee is going to support #CoffeeAndCollabs.

Make sure to read about these unique invite-only events in Bali that connects creators to each other and hotel managers. Open discussions to talk shop and talk collabs.

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