Influence Weekly #48
November 2nd, 2018
How to Create Success with Influencer Marketing

Launchmetrics invites you to join their webinar as they discuss the best strategies for your influencer marketing program, including the newest trends in content creation as well as tips for measuring the ROI of your campaigns. 
Great Reads
IZEA Releases 2018 State of the Creator Economy Study
After surveying, 606 Marketers, 242 Creators, and 1,000 Consumers, the 8th edition of IZEA’s report shows Influencer Marketing is still growing.
  • 42% of Marketers used Influencer Marketing within the past year. That means there's 58% more to go!
  • The largest % uptick in approach is Use of Sponsored Video.
  • Biggest drop in % usage is Sponsored Facebook Update, coinciding with a downtrend in consumer usage of Facebook.
YouTube Guru, Matt Gielen, Reveals 5 YouTube Growth Secrets.
#1 is: The sweet spot for video length is really 9 - 12 minutes. These perform up to 50% better than those that are shorter or longer.

Find #2 through 4 on Matt's LinkedIn.
October YouTube Video Trends from Think with Google
Watch time for morning routine videos has more than tripled in the past two years. 

More than 60% of shoppers say digital video has given them ideas and inspirations for their purchases.
CreatorIQ and Braintrust CAA-GBG release White Paper on Influencer Data Mapping
Industry insights and exclusive case studies with Google, Breville, Kenneth Cole, and Under Armour inside.

By blending rich audience data and performance metrics in traditional marketing contexts, they are fundamentally changing the way brands scale social media research.
Interesting People
Industry News
12 new agencies on Influence Directory this week.
10 of them are Spanish-speaking influencer agencies.

Just a bit more about our sponsor this week:

At the #allaboutinfluence webinar you’ll learn…

  • Best practices for influencer selection and contract negotiation
  • How to develop campaign strategy and objectives
  • Tips for influencer campaign monitoring and measurement
  • Top 3 dos and don’ts when working with brand influencers
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Bali.

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