Influence Weekly #61
February 1st, 2019
Great Reads
Trending Family's 2019 Influencer Marketing Forecast
Justin Moore, CEO of Trending Family says: Page 4 in particular, I think, is pretty interesting, especially these two stats:
  • "Only 24% of influencers said the majority of their deals included rights for brand use on its O&O and social. Brands are missing out on a huge opportunity to license influencer content."
  • "93% of influencers have never been asked to certify that they do not have fake followers. Is your brand really protected from influencer fraud?"
Harley Davidson hopes Instagram influencers can save its brand.
“We drove relevance and interest through our activations with celebrities and social media influencers, whose content and activity generated equivalent traditional media value that was up 80% [compared to 2017],” CEO Matthew Levatich said.
When Your Distributor Is Your Competitor - Influencers Beyond The Platforms
Is it possible that the biggest competition facing social-media platforms such as Instagram comes from the influencers who use Instagram and other platforms? Tubefilter's story on this is a great read.
7 fashion influencers have designed a pair of shoes for Marks & Spencer
Each of the bloggers (@dresslikeamum, @thefashion_lift, @stylemesunday, @emilyjanejohnston, @daniellevanier, @erica_davies and @doesmybumlook40) worked with the M&S in-house design team to create a pair of shoes that captured their personal aesthetic.
Interesting Numbers
How much do Instagram influencers make? | The Week UK
Once you get to 30,000 followers, for a fashion or beauty post, you could be looking at around £750, And if you manage to garner around a million followers, you could command £10,000 for a one-off post.
How online video empowers people to take action | Think With Google
More than half of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy. A ton more stats in this quick read from Google's Think With Google team.
Interesting People
  • 2019: THE YEAR OF THE MOM NANOINFLUENCER | LinkedIn Infographic | Moms control 85% of household purchases and have a spending power of $2.4 trillion. 
  • "Blogging has helped me build a community" An interview with Em Sheldon.
  • Interview with Christina Brown who created POWER Day to empower women of color through personal branding and entrepreneurship.
  • She's 24, and from Bromley. Meet Hollie from Shipwrecked 2019: Social media influencer with the BEST Instagram
  • Success is in the cards for Cleveland teen magician and rising social-media star Elie Magic.
  • Goodbye Doggo, Hello Bearded Dragon: Inside Exotic Petstagram.
Industry News
  • Artificial Intelligence Improves Influencer Marketing Campaign Performance by over 150% for BEN.
  • Can you take this challenge? This Hotel Suite Is Free for Travelers Who Stay Off the Wi-Fi.
  • Amtrak Offering Roundtrip Residency To Social Media Influencers -- But Not The Kind You Think
  • Analytics platform Zoomph calculates how much Burger King owes Casey Neistat $83,300.
  • The impact of influencer culture on marketing, social media and UCLA’s campus.
  • The Influencer nominees for the 11th Annual Shorty Awards have been announced and public voting is officially open!
  • A Galentine’s Day event is projected to generate more than double the impressions of Glam Night In, by hosting more than 75 influencers and content curators.
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Ubud, Bali.

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