Influence Weekly #50
November 16th, 2018
From The Editor:
Three quirky new sections:
  1. Collab Corner, highlighting a creator looking for other influencers or brands to work with. 
  2. Great Listens, a list of podcasts about our industry.
  3. Featured Agency, an interesting agency, this week they have a hot holiday deal on offer to work with them.
If you like them, tell me. If you click'em and love'em, give them some love.
Great Reads
5 Fashion KOL Marketing Insights from Shanghai Fashion Week
On average, about 20 percent of KOL sales come from just 1 percent of their followers. This means that brands need to be in tune with exactly what it is that sways that 1 percent.
Influencers, You Can Create Your Unfair Advantage
Examples of ways you can discover an unfair advantage, create one, or create someone else's in order to get way ahead of the competition. Utilize these practices to further your own ambitions.
What the Hell Is TikTok? A Look at the Top-Ranked App
While Gen Z kids making their own music videos is a TikTok staple, there’s plenty of other stuff. There’s dancing. And parkour. And comedy — or at least, users lip syncing to comedy routines. And families doing Cardi B music parodies that would make Weird Al cringe. 
Are You Ready for the Nanoinfluencers?
Brands enjoy working with them partly because they are easy to deal with. In exchange for free products or a small commission, nanos typically say whatever companies tell them to.
Interesting People
Featured Agency
Amplify Your Holiday Marketing Campaign with Black Girl Digital Influencers

Here to help amplify your holiday marketing campaign, Black Girl Digital works with some of the leading black female influencers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

We specialize in Fashion/Retail, Entertainment, Travel, Beauty, Hair, Business, and Family. Fill out this form to connect with us today.

Industry News
  • Know a COUPLE or a single person who was adopted or someone who has been searching for their parents or siblings?  Relative Race is casting and looking for Influencers for this show. ($500 referral fee if you refer someone)
  • This Hotel Provides Social Media Sitters who take care of your 'gram while you relax. Available in Geneva and Zurich.
  • Traackr Integrates Twitch, Expanding Influencer Discovery.
  • Attend the SoGal Influencer Summit 2018, December 1st in Los Angeles
  • Ad-free social video platform Portal Announces $4.2 Million in Funding From Mark Cuban, Day One Ventures and More
Collab Corner
Reply if you'd like an intro, or email him directly (it's in his Instagram bio)

  • Photographer based in Los Angeles just recently collaborated with iJustine, Sam Sheffer, and OMGchomp.
  • He's looking for more tech-friendly folks to photograph or YouTubers who feature great photo editing.
  • Featured in a Peter Mckinnon video for his awesome fall colors grid.
  • Open to collaborating with tech brands, hardware or software, who promote a creative eye.

Creators, who want to collaborate, Reply with your info for a chance to be featured. + sign up for #grow
Great Listens
8 Podcasts revealing what goes on behind the scenes of our industry.
Don't see a podcast you love? Reply and let me know.
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Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Bali.

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