Influence Weekly #69
March 29th, 2019

Personalization is no longer an option
Customer expectations are at an all-time high. They want meaningful messaging and tailored brand experiences.

As a marketer, you need to keep your company relevant by making each customer experience personal. 

Click here to learn how leading brands are leveraging influencer-generated content to personalize their customer touch-points at scale.


Great Reads
50 Journalists Covering Influencer Marketing
Discover 50 of the hundreds of journalists who cover influencer marketing as part of their beat. I included some writers and marketers who release the best articles and information. All of the journalists listed have had articles featured in this newsletter.
How Much Do UK Influencers Earn Per Post In 2019?
Six percent of influencers said they charged £501-£1000 per post, and 11 percent said they charged £251-£500. An elite 2 percent of influencers said they can charge more than £1,000 per post.
What Retailers Need to Know About Influencer Marketing
Just 33% of retailers said they did not use influencer marketing of any kind, nor were they planning on doing so.
How India conquered YouTube 
(You may need a Financial Times subscription or google it)
More than 300 content creators in India have more than a million subscribers, compared with just 16 in 2014. 
NYC & Company's new CMO talks data, influencers and why the city doesn't market itself
We work with influencers on a regular basis for almost all of our programs. We use them for what we call our Vibrancy Programs — Restaurant Week, Broadway Week, Must-see Week
Interesting People
Industry News
CreatorScape 2019: Memberships
I'll be highlighting one section each week. Click here to see the entire Creator Economy.
These companies help creators set up and sell recurring payments. It's up to the creator most of the time to figure out what to give members only.
  • Patreon -  Crowdfunding membership platform
  • Substack - Start an email newsletter that makes money from subscriptions.
  • Twitch - Twitch channel subscription
  • BuyMeACoffee - Beyond donations, creators can Enable monthly support.
  • LiberaPay - a recurrent donations platform.
  • Facebook for Creators - FB groups can charge a fee.
  • Ratafire - A patronage platform for Artists and Researchers
  • Drip - Monthly memberships from Kickstarter
  • YouTube Gaming - $4.99/mo channel memberships users buy to access exclusive content.
  • Chargebee - Subscription management software.
  • Minds - Get paid in crypto for your contributions to the community.
  • SubscribeStar - Independent Membership Platform
  • Steady - Offer readers, viewers or listeners a membership for your publication
  • Podia -  Sell online courses, memberships, and digital downloads.
Unique Use Cases
  • Podcast memberships
  • Member-Only live streams
  • Monthly Art Commissions
  • Request private how-tos.
  • Private Events & Meetups
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Ho Chi Minh City
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