Influence Weekly #45
October 12th, 2018
Dylan Conroy of The Social Standard interviews Jonathan Simpson-Bint the CRO of Twitch On the Digital Rainmaker Podcast.

Find out what's happening at Twitch today and how they approach working with influencers on one of the fastest growing networks on the internet, the global powerhouse streaming site Twitch.
Great Reads
Retail Footprints: A Closer Look at Snapchat’s Everyday Apparel Shoppers
Snapchat Ads takes a closer look at how Snapchatters shop for everyday apparel, as well as when they’re likely to make these purchases.
Great discovery: Before shopping for new clothes, apparel shoppers are food-focused: they’re likely to visit burger joints, delis, or grocery stores.
How a group of Colorado “influencers” are making money on Instagram, and what happens when an account gets held for ransom.
Profiles of Cassie Gallego, Katie Boué, and David Fluegge who all take different routes to monetization. From typical brand deals, to working freelance jobs, to full time jobs in social media. Sometimes it takes a lot of hustle, sometimes it takes pure execution chops to get the job done.
ASA Influencer Guide: Everything content creators need to know | Influencer Update
UK advertisement regulator ASA has released an Influencer's Guide. Danielle Partis, Editor of Influencer guides you through the newly updated document. She details everything creators and marketers need to know about influencer marketing and advertising.
Long-term Relationships in Influencer Marketing
A quick great read written by Barrett Wissman. Long-term partnerships may make influencer marketing feel less risky to both influencers and brands while, ironically, allowing them to take more risks in their marketing.
Interesting People
  • Small actions lead to big changes, says social media influencer Jerome Jarre.
  • Sarah Billstein, who created a rosé-focused Instagram account, is quoted in this history of rosé wine.
  • Beauty influencer James Charles: 'Brands should be doing their research on influencers'
  • Social Media Star Jen Selter Named World's Fitness and Health Influencer of the Year.
  • Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘DisguisedToast’ Wang reveals exactly how much he makes from each of his revenue streams.
  • Instagram global partnership manager, Jackson Williams, talks all things influencer marketing and IGTV: "Our hope and goal is that anyone is going to be able to leverage the power of this new format to tell better stories."
Interesting Jobs
Industry News
Added 12 new agencies to Influence Directory this week.
A few of the new ones are for Gaming Influencers.
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Los Angeles, California.

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