Influence Weekly #57
January 4th, 2019
This Week: Another reverse job board listing, a great look back to the epic fails of influencer marketing in 2018.
- Hope you enjoy this week's edition.
Great Reads
The Worst Influencer Marketing Fails of 2018
Digiday's rundown of the worst of 2018, makes me reflect on how we can all do better in 2019. Let's use this year as a launch point to something bigger and better than ever before.​
A day in the life of Meghan Young, a professional Instagram influencer who hikes mountains.
Young is featured in a mini documentary series by Bloomberg, entitled "Next Jobs," which showcases careers that didn’t exist a generation ago. It gives a greater insight into Young’s life  and that of a modern day “social media influencer.”
Singer who posted crying Instagram selfie says stars must show 'the other side' on social media
The singer posted her selfie on World Mental Health Day, and wrote: "'Why do you have a selfie of you crying?' -Because it's just as relevant as all the others of me smiling and singing and feeling like a hot mama that rules the world.
Child Influencers are Children.
Charlotte Philby, former editor of parenting magazine Motherland, admitted in the Guardian that her children had become so accustomed to being on camera that they would interrupt their games to pose but only to be asked to ‘act more natural’. 
Interesting People
  • Beautycon CEO Moj Mahdara: ‘Content and commerce are now interchangeable’
  • Anny Fan wants to be the first homegrown Chinese influencer to make it in the U.S.
  • Q&A With WHOSAY CEO Steve Ellis On Integrating Influencer Marketing For Success.
  • Talking With Instagram’s (and Ariana Grande’s) Favorite, Thirst-Trapping Ballet Dancer, Conor McKenzie.
Industry News
Are You Hiring?
Think of this as a reverse job board. Here I'll feature one unique person looking to add value to a company today.
Jeff Fransen 
Passionate about the intersection of Physics and Sociology
  • Has worked with and for brands such as Uber, Sotheby's, Topps, and NASA
  • Has closed deals and managing campaigns in the $50k and $100k range.
  • Late in 2015 launched the Influencer Partnerships dept for a viral content publisher.
  • Established hundreds of partnerships with Facebook influencers and generated over 400 million clicks to viral articles and generated over $3 million in gross revenue. 
  • The ideal company to work for would be a brand or agency that incorporates an element of social good and has strong technology 
Reply if you'd like an intro, or connect with him on Linkedin.
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Orlando, Florida. On my way to Tampa / St. Pete next week.

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