Influence Weekly #60
January 15th, 2019
Great Reads
101 Experts Reveal their Favorite / Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns.
Shane Barker expertly collections 101 campaigns from across the industry. Get ready to dive in and check them all out.
How influencers Nicolette Mason and Gabi Gregg are building a fashion brand driven by their followers.
Brands like Good American, Uncommon James and Something Navy, which can all be found on the shelves of Nordstrom, were all started by influencers. But Premme’s strategy for differentiating itself is through its product. There are not many brands out there that exclusively focus on plus-size women.
Instagram takes to Twitter to address algorithm rumors
The platform explained that the level of interaction determines the order of posts you see in your feed. It’s clear from the comments in that Twitter thread, though, that people don’t think that’s any better. 
Meet The Woman Who Helps Fashion Influencers Get Rich Quick
Brands are investing well over $100 million in the rewardStyle platform annually and enterprise clients are doubling their investment year over year, on average, and this is still an emerging part of the marketing industry.
Deep Reads
Machine Learning Techniques for Brand-Influencer Matchmaking on the Instagram Social Network (direct link to the study's PDF)
A seriously deep read. It's a study. If you have an afternoon to kill, check this out.
47 'Fyre' documentary tweets that sum up how insane the scandal was.
I had a chance to check out both of the Fyre docs and enjoyed them both. This article is the best wrap up I've seen so far. I'd recommend going ahead and watching both documentaries. Go deep.  (Forbes coverage of the docs here)
Interesting People
Industry News
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in Brooksville, Florida.

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