Influence Weekly #81
June 21st, 2019

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Great Reads
Influencer ads more 'emotionally intense' and memorable than TV claims neuroscience study
  • Influencers outperformed YouTube ads by 28% in emotional intensity and 73% in memory encoding.
  • If consumers are exposed to an influencer ad before the TV, FB or YT ad from the same campaign, they are 58% more likely to feel positive towards the TV, FB or TV ad, and 47% more likely to remember it.
From Cult Favorite to $500M Skincare Brand: The Rise Of Tatcha
  • Tatcha’s year-over-year increases in its influencer community (51%), EMV per ambassador average (75%), and total post volume (135%) all greatly surpassed the top 10 skincare brands’ respective YoY averages.
  • Tatcha has remained the top EMV-generating skincare brand every month since apart from May 2018, when L’Oréal Paris Skincare took the lead following its Cannes Film Festival activations.
  • Tatcha is still growing: the brand’s $53.1M EMV total between January and April 2019 represented a 100% year-over-year jump from its haul over the same months in 2018, while the brand expanded its ambassador community by 55% YoY."
Samsung’s global CMO: ‘I’m pessimistic about influencer marketing’
What the CMO is hinting at is a move to working with people of influence within local communities rather than a homogenous set of Instagram stars. Samsung has set up a series of hubs around the world where people can buy the latest hardware, and participate, in activities, take lessons in everything from photography and filmmaking to art.
Gun influencers on Instagram are a boon to gun companies
Gun companies can’t advertise on social media — so they have female influencers do it for them. Kyle Clouse, head of marketing at the gun safe company Liberty Safe, refers to influencers as “the goose laying the golden egg” for the firearms industry. There are dozens of women making partial or complete livings off Instagram grids full of guns and perfect smiles.
Talking Points #80: The QYOU
TikTalking about Fraud, Mary Meeker and the Kidfluencers.

Not a band name, but rather the topic of this week's Talking Points. Hear what Glenn and Arvind from The QYOU have to say about the news.

Talking points is a new podcast format where I turn the analysis batton over to readers who happen to work in the same office. You too can participate. Email me.
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Interesting People
  • Carly Anderson of 'Lipgloss and Crayons' Talks About Her Body Image Campaign #JustWearTheSuit
  • UNILAD spoke to fashion and beauty influencer Sherrie Webster about her day-to-day life and what it means to have an Instagram career
  • Former Facebook vice president of global partnerships, Blake Chandlee, has been appointed as head of strategic partnerships for TikTok.
  • Digital Detox: Huda Kattan's 7 Tips For Unplugging
  • Abigail Ratchford is currently paid £6,300 per post – but her business ventures don’t end there.
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