Influence Weekly #58
January 14th, 2019
Great Reads
Snapchat Releases New Report on How and Why People Use Different Social Apps
Snapchat recently partnered with Murphy Research to conduct a study of more than 1,000 app users, aged between 13 and 44, to learn more about the apps they use, when they spend time on each, and how each makes them feel.
Top 10 Biggest Losers from YouTube's Latest Subscriber Purge from Paladin.
December 13-14 we saw a massive increase, showing over 2 million channels lost subscribers. Such subscriber loss appears to have affected smaller channels 3x more than larger channels in terms of the percentage of subscribers lost. 
Trending Topics on Snapchat from Snap itself.
The Snap Chatter reports can be a great indicator of rising trends in general - the monthly listings include key topics of focus in different regions, trending entertainment, celebrities and slang terms.
Japanese beauty brand Tatcha is finally investing in influencers
In the decade since the brand's debut, Tatcha has never played in the paid influencer economy, but it's is ready to dip its toe more in influencer campaigns in 2019.
Instagram, YouTube stars are hot properties for Indian brands.
In 2018, most companies spent between 5% and 7% of their overall marketing budgets on online influencers. This year, 73% of firms plan to increase the share of spending on influencer marketing.
Interesting People
  • Interview with Tagger Media’s managing director of EMEA, Hannah Brookman.
  • Top 10 Beauty Influencers in Indonesia.
  • TopBuzz Creator Spotlight: Comedy Star 'Action Jaxon' Is Harnessing His Digital Reach To Launch A Stand-Up Career.
  • Meet Marissa Mullen, Instagram’s premier cheese plate influencer.
  • Interview with Nastya Swan, a young Russian-born social media influencer and artist based in New York.
  • This Instagram Influencer Had More Than $4 Million in Sales in a Day (Note: After working at it for years)
  • Biggest influencers in the packaging industry: top twitter accounts to follow.
Industry News
Edited by Andrew Kamphey in St. Pete, Florida. If you're in the area, let's get coffee!

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