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You know how they say the first step is always the hardest?
Well, I think sometimes, it is actually the second, or even the third steps that are the hardest. You see, usually when we take the first step it is all shiny and new and we are full of amazingly good intentions.
But then reality hits, because actually that one step was just the beginning, and now we have to do it again.

This newsletter is no different - the first one was super exciting, we thought about it for months, planned it for weeks, worked on it for days. And it was such a huge success.
And now we have to do it all again?! 

So welcome back to our second newsletter. 
It really was harder to plan and work on this one, so to tackle it, we've decided to keep the first step vibe, and change the whole newsletter. And now you are getting some fresh, exclusive, never seen before, extra content (ok it's Hidai doing videos, but still), and we are getting that adrenaline rush of the "first".  
Total win-win.

We hope you enjoy our new "new newsletter", and before you begin scrolling down, we wanted to take a moment and say thank you for subscribing, and even more, for actually opening the email 😊

Try something new! 😊

The main theme of the newsletter, and our month, is about trying new things. A lot of the times it means change, which everyone knows is the hardest thing to do. 
But when you overcome that fear, or reluctance to change, it is such a great feeling.
So this newsletter, with all its new content (which was quite anxiety-inducing to create) is our way to practice what we preach and hopefully act as a small encouragement (for us and for you) to take the next small step out of our comfort zone. 

New! Hidai's Corner 

Hidai has pledged to record and upload (one or two) new videos every newsletter. 
He promised the videos will be about current, professional, interesting topics.
He also promised they will be short (you can stop laughing now. They are around 2-4 minutes each. Which for Hidai is like lightning speed).
Hidai's first ever video
About overcoming the fear of recording videos, and the power of public commitment.
Second video, about how we were reminded of the enormous power of LinkedIn these past couple of weeks.

Also New! Digital Tool Of The Month

Orli is addicted to discovering and trying new tools. Constantly. So we figured why not share all these great finds with everyone? And that is how this little corner of the newsletter was born. 
And just to be clear, we don't get anything from anyone for these recommendations, it's all just stuff we enjoy using ourselves.     

We discovered when we were looking for cool new Digital Tools for our Smart Digital Tools workshop at the beginning of the month. 
It helps people design, create and edit some really great videos.
It is also free, easy to use, and very cool. 
Videos are, of course, highly recommended for social media and websites, but they are also hard to shoot and edit. Which is why we always end up with stills. Or (the totally unacceptable) text only.  
InVideo is an excellent solution, because it is very intuitive and has loads of options and pre-made templates and videos, which makes it so much easier to start, and to create a good quality video very easily. 
Of course the moment we discovered it, we couldn't resist, and created a promotion video (& LinkedIn post) for that same workshop. 
Screen Recording 2022-10-25 at 13.48.58
And as a side note and extra tool, what allows the video to play automatically inside the newsletter is Playable.

What we've been up to recently

Well actually October has been quite an eventful month for us, but we've chosen to highlight two things we've done that have an extra meaning beyond showing how great we are (though, of course, we are!) 

Many of the people we work with struggle with content. And to be honest we are no different. Sometimes it is a question of not being the best writer (Hidai), sometimes it is a deep unease with "look at us we're amazing" posts (Orli). 
While everyone needs to find their style & the solutions they feel comfortable with, these two posts show our solutions - 
Hidai was invited to London for a client event.
The problem is that the client is confidential, the event is confidential, and Hidai is not a fan of writing. 
But sometimes all you need is a good photo that sets the mood, together with a light, positive post about enjoying your work - and you get a viral post.
We were invited to come back to UCD to deliver our Effective LinkedIn workshop for this year's Global Leadership Programme students.
The problem was we already wrote about it being a dream-come-true (emotional style). So should we write about it again? Definitely. It's great for our brand & credibility. But what to write? The Instagram post uses a factual style, while next week's LinkedIn post will be in a lighthearted humorous style.

From our blog 

Last but not least, our latest posts. They are usually a little more personal than professional, but they are also usually funny, or at least they have cakes. 
And as an added bonus - one of them is completely new and exclusive for this newsletter 😊
We wanted to say thank you for reading our newsletter, we hope you enjoyed it and will be very happy to get your feedback (only positive of course 😂) - simply reply to this email (or reach out to us in any other channel you prefer).
See you in the next one!
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