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The decision to create this newsletter has been a huge one for us. Starting a newsletter means you believe you have enough interesting & relevant content for people on the one hand, and that you have enough people who care about it.
We've been shamelessly procrastinating for months, but after using all the excuses and eating all the cakes, we took the plunge and it is finally here. 
But before you begin scrolling down, we wanted to take a moment and say thank you for subscribing, and even more, for actually opening the email 😊

O.H Degani Consultants is 3!

Our business officially turned 3 on September 1st (we did it just to make sure it will remain an important date even after the kids finish school), so I figured it's a good a time as any for a little bit of reflection (and cake. Of course there was cake. We are not ones to miss out on a perfectly good cake-excuse). 
We formally opened the business in Ireland just before covid,
war, and whatever-crisis-we-are-having-now hit, add to that a move to Dublin (during the worst-housing-crisis-to-hit-Ireland), 2 kids to settle into new schools (twice, as our youngest moved to secondary last year), and sprinkle a little lack of available funds, and you get our last three years - or as we like to call them - a good reason for comfort-cake. 
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Upcoming courses, workshops & events 

Smart Digital Tools for SMEs - Workshop with LEO DLR 

Work smarter, not harder.

This workshop aims to help small business owners assess if they are using enough, easily available, smart tech tools to save time and work more efficiently. Technology is ever-changing and business owners need to take a tech pitstop to catch up on emerging technology to future proof the business.

This workshop is open to everyone in Ireland.

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Our last 8 Week Online Marketing & Social Media Course of the year starts 26th Oct 2022

Our next (and last for this year) 8-week social media marketing course, which we adore and love, and gives you the opportunity to hear us talk about cakes & kids, and also a bit about starting & growing a business using digital presence, marketing and tools is coming up.

This course is run with LEO DLR and is online, open to everyone (in Ireland), and a lot of fun.

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What we've been up to recently 

Market Benefits in Ireland and the EU

Since leaving Israel almost 13 years ago, we've never lived anywhere for more than 2.5 years. Until we got to Ireland.
And this is why we were so excited about this free online webinar, where we talked about the Irish market and its unique opportunities & benefits, both in general and specifically for Israeli companies.

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The Website Development Toolkit

A full day in Carlow talking with business owners about their current or future website, which is a key element of their digital presence, marketing & branding, explaining how to plan & build the website so that it will be a good & effective website which serves & supports their business goals.

Because, though technically creating “a website” is easier than ever before, creating a website that really works for you remains a challenge. 

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We wanted to say thank you for reading our first newsletter, we hope you enjoyed it and will be very happy to get your feedback (only positive of course 😂) - simply reply to this email (or reach out to us in any other channel you prefer).

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