Do you say one thing and do another? Notice this and you've taken the first step to improved results.
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The First Step to Success:
Noticing Your True Self

Noticing yourself is the key to meaningful changes and improved business outcomes. In the past 90 days I’ve observed many business owners not noticing themselves clearly. They imagine they’re something they’re not and they miss many opportunities for growth.

Find one or two of these blind spots you recognize in yourself and really focus on taking action on what you notice.

Do you notice…
  • Do you notice how often you say “I can’t” instead of asking “How can I?”
  • Do you notice how you change your complaining from “I’m really worried about the sparse number of inquiries” to “It takes too much time to evaluate all the inquiries”?
  • Do you notice how you work to fill your pipeline and then when it’s full you talk about how overwhelmingly busy you are?
  • Do you notice your inconsistencies? Like starting a marketing campaign to increase revenue and then complaining when it requires “too much time”?
  • Do you notice how you hope to “find time” rather than choosing to “make time?”
  • Do you notice how you jump from one high priority task to another—which means neither is really a priority?
  • Do you notice how you ask for bits of free help from many people rather than being willing to invest a fair amount with the one expert who will make a difference?
  • Do you notice that you “think about” things a lot and continue to do what you’ve always done?
  • Do you notice how no matter which expert you follow or which system or approach you “just love,” you settle back in your routine and never make any changes?
  • Do you notice how you say “yes” and then two weeks later say you didn’t have time to do those things you said yes to?
  • Do you notice how you go all in to respond to a new prospect without giving any thought to the 100 or 200 current buyers you already have?
  • Do you notice how you talk about customer service and record customer service calls for “quality purposes” but you don’t actually find out if your customers are happy with your service?
Take Action

As I reflect on all these missed opportunities, I imagine the opposite. I imagine every business owner noticing and doing one or two or three things better and enjoying tremendous success.

Noticing is the first step. The next step is taking action. If you can do it yourself, then DO IT!

If not, give me a call. Many times an owner and I do a Pinpoint Session for a quick win. Other times we do a Singular Focus Project for results in 60-90 days.

You’ll never know until you notice. Call me 703-790-1424
Little did I know when I launched my Special Events Breakfasts that the response would be so overwhelmingly positive. Many guests are excited to tell me about progress they're making towards the personal outcome they wrote down that day.

I am actively looking for speaking opportunities. Do you know the leader of a company or industry group that wants to boost performance? Please let them know I am interested in a conversation to speak about:
“Singular FocusSM: THE Catalyst for Growth”
Catalyst: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action

Thank you!
This Week's Technique for Focus

These are the same focus techniques I use for my business and with my clients. Call if you have questions. 703-790-1424.

Tell everyone you know that you’re focused on specific outcomes. Then calmly and firmly say “no” to everything else. No excuses or apologies.

Feel free to share the Techniques for Focus accompanied by the following attribution: © Susan Trivers 2018, all rights reserved.
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