December 2015 Monthly Newsletter
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It's Christmastime and we are winding down from a great 2015. To recap what you may have missed at TimeGate 2015: We had Michelle Gomez at her first ever convention! So remember the next time you see her, tell her where you saw her first (besides on TV). We also had the always lovely, always-ready-to-give-you-a-hug, adorable Katy Manning! If you missed her Q&A, check it out further down in the newsletter.

I can't believe this season of Doctor Who is already over, much less that we've had 10 years of new Doctor Who episodes to devour. And now we eagerly anticipate the return of River Song in the Christmas special. I'm sure we can all forgive her for canceling her appearance at Dragon Con since she was filming that. And just think, once the Christmas special airs, it's another 9 months until Doctor Who. Oh the agony!

Starting next year, we'll shift things into high gear to get everything up and running by May. Looking to volunteer? Keep an eye on our social media pages to see when we'll have our first meeting, which will be sometime in January. 

And since there's a new Star Wars movie being released this weekend, may the Force be with you, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

- Daniel, Marketing Director
Thanks for coming out to the viewing party!
Thanks to everyone who came out to Battle & Brew on December 5th as we watched the season 9 finale of Doctor Who. There was laughing, some cheering and someone probably cried. We gave away some great prizes, even a couple of free memberships to next year's TimeGate. We have a couple more events planned before the next convention, so stay tuned! 

BBC America retweeted our photo during the event!!!!!!! Check it out in the photo below.

Thanks to Battle and Brew for letting hang out for the night! We had a great time!!
Guest Spotlight:
Stephen la Riviere
Each month, we'll spotlight one guest that's coming to Timegate 2016.
You may remember meeting Stephen la Riviere at TimeGate 2015, coming off of the success of his Gerry Anderson documentary, Filmed in Supermarionation. A lot has happened for Stephen since then! Following a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, and with full rights granted by the Anderson Estate, he has produced three brand-new episodes of classic Thunderbirds! These are based on three audio-only episodes that the original voice cast recorded in 1965. Stephen and his team converted a studio, built new sets and new marionettes, and designed new special effects (i.e. explosions!) and have filmed all three episodes. Take a look at the brand new trailer they've just released for the third episode! You'll get a chance to hear all about this exciting project, as well as the new project he's working on with Big Finish at TimeGate 2016
Thunderbirds 1965: The Stately Homes Robberies Trailer
Do you have burning questions about Doctor Who? What effect did the monster voice actors have on the series? IS the Doctor half human? Was the Doctor really Merlin? All these and more will be answered for you - or at least discussed by people who love Doctor Who! Join us in the Gallifrey track in May!
Important Dates to Remember!

January 1, 2016 -
Pre-Registration Tickets go to $50
Buy Your Membership - Only $40 until December 31st, 2015
Book Your Hotel - $94 per night
Starting Dec. 28thDoctor Who  moves to 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific weeknights. In addition, a two-hour block run will be added on Sunday afternoons. Here's the updated lineup:
Monday - Friday
11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific (1 hour)
6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific (2 hours)
6pm Eastern/3pm Pacific (2 hours)
Note: the Sunday airing will be starting over from “An Unearthly Child”, so it’s a great starting point if you want to see it all from the beginning!!
Find your local affiliate:
Don't have RetroTV? Ask your local provider about getting it!
TimeGate 2015   Katy Manning Panel
In case you missed it, here's Katy Mannings first Q&A panel at TimeGate. If you didn't get a hug from her, you missed out!
 Thanks to RetroTV for filming. 
Intro to Big Finish: 
The Chimes of Midnight

   In honor of 2016 TimeGate guests Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery (the geniuses behind Big Finish Productions), each month The Oncoming Storm is going to bring you a recommendation of the Big Finish stories you *need* to listen to before you meet them in May! 

This month, it's the holidays, so where better to start than a Christmas themed episode that also happens to have been voted the #1 best Big Finish story of all time? The Chimes of Midnight, by Robert Shearman, is a tale of betrayal, murder, and plum pudding, featuring the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann) and his new companion, Edwardian adventuress Charlotte 'Charley' Pollard (India Fisher). The Doctor and Charley arrive at a Edwardian home after the Doctor has failed once again to land where he's supposed to. You see, Charley is supposed to have died in a zepplin accident, but the Doctor has cheated time and saved her. (Hmm, where have I seen that before...) Now he's trying to get her to Singapore, but things aren't going the way they are supposed to. And they're about to get worse as the Doctor and Charley get involved with the staff of the house, and before long, people start dying. And dying. And dying. The Doctor and Charley must race to find out what is going on in the house before they find themselves succumbing to the same fate as the staff!


   Spoilers prevent us from revealing more than that, but trust us, if you think you have an idea of what the story is about from that description, you're wrong! But here's what we can tell you. It's easy to see why Chimes remains as beloved as it is and why it continues to maintain it's #1 spot in polls. Shearman(who was responsible for the television episode Dalek) has crafted a tale that is at turns clever and witty, then terrifying, all while weaving a mystery that is 100% Doctor Who. Shearman's real talent in this story is the way that he can seamlessly switch between the comedic moments to the scary ones in a blink of an eye without taking the audience out of the story. The humor is dark but laugh out loud funny throughout, and it certainly fits with the terrifying nature of the story.

   Paul McGann and India Fisher give some of their strongest performances here, with this being a perfect introduction to the character of Charley if you're interested to see what she is all about. McGann's Doctor is full of zest and excitement, embodying that exuberant Doctor seen in the TV Movie, while Charley is a perfect foil, matching the Doctor with wit and snark, a preview of what we would see in the companions of the New Series. If you're new to audio only stories, Chimes will dazzle with it's audioscape, immersing the listener in the kitchens and cupboards of this Edwardian manor house, matched with moody music that will have you making sure the lights in the room are all on. In all, we cannot recommend The Chimes of Midnight enough, so light a fire, put on your comfortable slippers, and sit in front of the lit tree with some plum pudding and enjoy it. You won't regret it! 

The Oncoming Storm: A Doctor Who Spinoff Media Podcast.

Reasons Why I'm Poor - The Christmas Edition

Reason #832 Why I'm Poor

For some strange reason, as of this writing, the Fourth Doctor's sonic screwdriver replica is $5 on Amazon plus free shipping if you're an Amazon Prime member! Walk into any retail outlet and you'll end up paying $20 for it. It's a great add-on present for that Doctor Who friend of yours. Click the photo to buy your own

Reason #183 Why I'm Poor

Doctor Who and Legos!!! What more could you ask for?
This set comes with a detachable TARDIS and a console room. Figures include the 11th and 12th Doctor, Clara, 2 Daleks and a Weeping Angel. Did you collect the Character Builder blind figures? These should be compatible with the set. Hopefully we'll get to see more in this series. 


Reason #502 Why I'm Poor

Doctor Who: Christmas Specials Giftset with Tardis Speakers
The best part of this deal is that the it comes with a bluetooth TARDIS speaker for less than the speaker costs by itself! You can get one of the speakers for about $120 by itself, but via Amazon, you can get the speaker and the Christmas specials for about $80. Hopefully someone buys me this for Christmas.
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