Join us on August 7 for our church potluck picnic and worship. 
Soldiers Memorial Park, Shelter #2 at 10:00am
Please bring a dish to pass.  Church will provide hot dogs, buns, Mt Dew, Pepsi and Lemonade.
Bring a lawn chair if you would like.  
Hope to see you there!!
Mineral Point United Church of Christ
Worship at 10:30am
August 2022 News
St. Francis Xavier Church – Mt. Washington, KY0UT ON THE WAY
The season of Pentecost is often called “Ordinary Time”.  The other seasons reflect some of God’s wonders and works that are seen through Jesus, but this long season, of summer to fall, is Spirit time and the work of the Spirit in our own lives. 
Pentecost is concerned with spiritual growth. I love this image of “ordinary time” because it is in the everyday, ordinary things of life, many of which we take for granted, that we have an opportunity to be growing in Christ. This growth may happen as we encounter one another in a marriage or partnership and discover that there is a need to listen more deeply to one another.  It may happen as we are asked a question about God by our child, and we have to struggle to really figure out for ourselves how to answer them.  It may happen as we’re fixing a dinner for friends and offering hospitality and entering into holy conversations.  It may happen in our garden, or out fishing, or on a hike in nature as we encounter creation’s beauty and fragility.  It may happen as we’re considering who to support in our nation’s elections and what it means to be an ethical person.  Perhaps this growth happens when you give birth to a new baby, or when a pregnancy doesn’t come full-term.  It may come as a youth struggling to discover their identity or to work out relationships that surround them.  We may grow spiritually when we are called to let go of one thing for something better.  We may grow in Spirit when our hearts are touched by the needs of another and we become more compassionate.  We may grow as a beloved pet dies, or as we sit by our beloveds and friends during an illness.  God works in many and mysterious ways to enlarge our hearts, to feed our souls and to engage our spirit with His/Her Spirit.  Climate change and an unprovoked war or school shootings or race issues may cause us to begin to ask new questions and to seek both understanding and adaptive solutions.  We may begin to see things in new ways.  We may begin to care more deeply about the world around us.  We may be convicted of some old habit that has hold of us, and seek ways to be free. 
There are so many ways that the Spirit is at work – wanting to transform us into the ‘image of Christ’; wanting to teach us how to love more fully and deeply and widely!   The big question of Pentecost is this – what does Christ’s love look and feel like in the flesh? Our flesh!
There’s another ‘ordinary’ place to experience this sacred ‘holy’ and that is with your community of faith that meets in the building at 300 Maiden in Mineral Point.  Already, we are gearing up for the fall and for opportunities to encourage and challenge you to growth of the Spirit.  We’ve been having some great services this summer being open to the movement of the Spirit among us and searching God’s word to understand the gifts and work of the Spirit in those who believe.  I hope you will consider coming and being a part of the community of faith that gathers on Sunday, but also on other days of the week.   You are missed and we aren’t the same without your presence! 
If you missed the Christmas in July worship service, you missed out on some wonderful Spirit-filled energy!  It was fun seeing the sanctuary decorated with the sights of Christmas in the midst of summer (you never know where the Spirit will show up!) and with the beautiful sounds of the season as we sang together the carols of Christmas.  My thanks to Linda Larson for sparking the idea and Eleanor Jones for selecting the carols and Mary Dunn for leading us in song! Karen Crawford supplied Christmas treats.  A special thanks to Julie Shult for picking up the ball and offering to call the congregation to invite you all to join in the fun, to Kandy Keuler and other unnamed ‘elves.’    
“Gifts and cash that was gathered for ‘Baby Jesus’ will go to support parents in Iowa County with their special needs.  Many thanks to you all for a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, August 7: Worship in the Park
Be sure to join us next Sunday for “WORSHIP in the PARK” at 10am.  We will be sharing in Communion.  All are welcome! 

Sunday, August 21:  Backpack Blessing and Special Music
The community choir, organized and led by Joan Steele will be sharing their gift of music in worship on Sunday, August 21!  You will be inspired (in-Spirited) and filled with joy!  Please come to support and encourage this ministry within the church and community! 
We will bless student’s backpacks the Sunday before school starts, on August 21st.  Encourage your student to bring their backpacks!

Do you have a heart for helping our children grow in faith, hope and love?  We are in need of folks with a heart for our young ones to provide instruction during worship time and perhaps on a Wednesday or two each month for an after-school program.  Kandy and Pastor Sue would like to have a planning ministry, so if you feel so called, please contact either of them.  
Your confirmands have been in good hands with a great educator and loving mentor!  Please extend your thanks to Karen Tennessen for her ministry.  Please pray for our confirmation students as they enter their final year of confirmation and prepare to claim their own relationship with God as revealed in Jesus Christ.  Pastor Sonny worked with the students last year and Pastor Sue will provide leadership along with Karen in the coming year.  
How about a pizza party and some conversation to kick off the year?  We’ll be in touch!

The Church is called into the world to plant the seeds of God’s realm.  We have so many opportunities to express Christ-like values and behavior in our community and beyond.
This month plan to VOTE.  So many people skip the mid-terms – we’ve assumed that there aren’t clear differences between candidates.  It’s time to step up and get informed, as well as to vote.  All across the ballot, our votes matter, from school boards to governors, you can make a difference! 
Today, I received a postcard about voting from home.  If you have access to a computer you can apply for an absentee ballot at:  
  • 1. Click on Vote Absentee by Mail. 
  • 2. Click on Request an Absentee Ballot.  Fill in all the necessary information.  Check the box to request absentee ballots for all elections for the calendar year ending 12/31/2022.  
Be sure to vote in the Primary Election on August 9th and in the General Election in November.   *WHEN YOU VOTE, BE SURE TO HAVE ANOTHER ADULT SIGN YOUR BALLOT ENVELOPE AS A WITNESS. 
If you don’t use a computer, contact your County Courthouse to ask them how to apply for an absentee ballot!  
As a part of your ongoing transitional ministry here at Mineral Point, Pastor Sue will be hosting several ‘table talks’ after worship.  We’ll grab a cup of coffee or juice and spend about 45 minutes on a particular topic.  I have to check the times of the Packers games, and then will let you know about the dates.   The first gathering will be in September and will be an opportunity to tell some stories about ourselves.  We’re looking forward to getting to know you better and letting you get to know Jim and me better as well.  
Worship is the #1 place where we connect with people who come as visitors. The ministry of hospitality is a crucial ministry in the growth of a congregation.  We are looking for people who would help the church strengthen our ministry with newcomers as well as be part of a group who would help with preparing for worship.
A few tasks that may be a part of this ministry are:
  • greeting and welcoming visitors
  • setting up zoom and adjusting the sound
  • lighting the candles
  • adjusting the heat or a/c
  • unlocking doors and locking up after worship
  • receiving the offering
The church has a strong core of folks who are willing to read scripture, but if you have an interest in being a lay reader, please contact Penny McConnell in the church office. 

Pastor Sue and Council members will host an after worship ‘Table Talk’ in the fellowship area on Sunday, for anyone interested in being a part of this ministry.  Grab something to drink and eat and we’ll talk for 30 minutes or so. 

Grace and peace,
Pastor Sue
2022 Council Members
Kandy Keuler (President)                   608-553-1300
Bill Buckingham  (Vice President)      608-437-4895
Betty Hogan                                        773-620-4821
Diann Wenger                                     608-574-2627
Jim Bennett                                         608-987-3756
Trudy Tibbits      608-987-2810           608-574-1987
Lynne Buckingham                              608-443-8980
Penny McConnell                                608-574-5319


7 picnic at soldiers @ 10am
14 Chuck Tennessen        
21 Dick Josh
28  Betty Hogan
4 Julia Marr                                 
11 Jessie Potterton                           
18 Larry McNeil   
25  Juli Schult


2 Karen Tennessen                       
9 Deb Ivey              
16 Kandy Keuler             
23 Trudy Tibbits    
30 Duane Fitzsimmons
Keep all the members in our congregation in your prayers.  There are several that would enjoy a card or a call.
If you would like us to add someone on the prayer list at church, please call Penny at 608-574-5319.

August Community Meal 
Wednesday Aug 24
Dine-In UCC Fellowship Hall (lover level)
Pickup curbside, Maiden St entrance or home delivery is available 
Reservations are appreciated, but not required, by Monday 8/22
If you would like to receive a meal, or know someone who would enjoy at meal, please
Mary at 608-987-2478 or 608-553-0501. Pat at 608-987-2259  
Anyone and everyone are welcome!  Please pass the information to other you may know.

With continued APPRECIATION to all of our volunteer donors of goods, financial support, and hands on help.  Some of those people are our delivery drivers:

  • Mike Gratz...our go-to guy
  • Bob and Diann Wenger
  • Dick and Betty Ivey 


Our Congregation's search committee continues to be working with our Wisconsin Conference Interim Associate Conference Minister,  Rev Ted Drewson, and is ready to review Ministerial profiles that come our way.
Please contact any of the Search Committee members with any inquiries: 

  • Lynne Buckingham
  • Mary Dunn,
  • Dick Josh
  • Chuck Tennessen
  • Trudy Tibbits 

The next WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP meeting will be at 9 am on Tuesday, September 13 in the chapel.
Have you checked out the lovely flowers in front of the church?  Thank you to all who are watering and caring for this nice addition to the church. And be sure to try out the bench as you admire the flowers. The bench was purchased with Memorial Funds. 
The Rummage Sale has come and gone, but we are already making plans for 2023.  Mark your calendar for these tentative dates:  Saturday, June 10 to Saturday, June 17.  Start saving your treasures!
Have you ever wished you had a special item to give to a friend or neighbor in need of prayers?  Some talented church members are going to start making Prayer Shawls.  These will be given to church members as a sign of support, care and loving prayers.  We will share patterns at our next meeting, but if you want to get started here are some free Prayer Shawl Patterns:   11 Free Prayer Shawl Knitting Patterns — Blog.NobleKnits
The Fabulous Fifties
Pasty Dinner will be held on Friday, September 30.  The meal will include pasty, cole slaw, sliced cheese, pickles, ketchup, chili sauce, bars, coffee and water.  We will make 200-250 pasties and sell the extras for $6 each. 
HELPERS and FOOD DONATIONS ARE NEEDED for Fabulous FiftiesWatch for a sign-up formin early September.  Be thinking about the opportunities listed below          
                                     i.    Table set up the evening of Wednesday, September 28
                                     ii.    crust making, and potato peeling am on Sept. 29
                                     iii.    pasty prep and baking am on Sept. 30
                                     iv.    Meal serving about noon on September 30
                                     v.    Clean up on September 30 
                                     i.    Pan of bars (10-12)
                                     ii.    Chili sauce (5 quarts)
                                     iii.    Ketchup (4-5 large)
                                     iv.    Sliced cheese (8 pounds)
                                     v.    Pickles (6 large jars) 
                                      i.    Large and medium plastic serving trays
                                   ii.    Sturdy clear plastic serving spoons and forks
                                      iii.    Clear plastic serving bowls (all sizes)
Hello all!
Please join us for American Shindig, the new live community variety show launching this summer at Dodgeville High School featuring local musicians, storytellers, historians, short films, and comedians.

Wednesday, August 17 at 7pm
Dodgeville High School Auditorium
912 W. Chapel Street
Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Church Calendar

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