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Tornado Outbreak Update

On December 10-11, our nation experienced the deadliest tornado outbreak ever recorded in December. At the time of this writing, at least 90 people were killed in a storm system that spawned at least 59 tornadoes, including several long-track tornadoes that devastated communities in their paths.

MNA staff have been in contact with PCA churches in the affected areas. In the TAG Region, key leaders from the Nashville Presbytery have been visiting church leaders to assess the situation and refer them to MNA Disaster Response for assistance. Groups from nearby churches have responded with chainsaws and clean up teams to help clear the rubble.

MNA Disaster Response is ready to respond as soon as the invitation is given by any of the churches impacted. We are in frequent contact with these churches and stand ready to assist in any way they request.

Most importantly, pray for those impacted. Pray for the churches who are ministering to those who have lost so much to these storms. And pray for church leaders to find clarity about how their churches will respond. - MK

See this additional information from MNA Disaster Response Director Arklie Hooten: 

MNA Disaster Response has been in contact with all the presbyteries within the path of the tornadoes. Assessment teams, consisting of PCA key leaders/pastors, were sent into communities served by the PCA to understand the needs of local churches and the desire of those congregations to undertake relief operations. Four presbyteries were affected by the storm; in God’s providence no community served by the PCA suffered major damage rising to the level of a denominational response. Local congregations have been providing cleanup services in their respective communities.

MNA Disaster Response coordinates the PCA response to disaster when invited by affected presbyteries and churches when the level of damage exceeds the capacity of the local presbyteries or churches to coordinate the response. MNA Disaster Response provides assistance to non-PCA families through partnership with PCA diaconates upon request.

The PCA doesn’t have a church in Mayfield KY, the hardest-hit community by this system, and front and center in the media. The closest PCA congregations to Mayfield are approximately an hours’ drive away in Troy TN and Clarksville TN. Further, the PCA community that suffered the most damage is located in Bowling Green KY, which is within Nashville Presbytery. Chainsaw teams from Nashville TN and Louisville KY deployed there last week to assist the local church; however, at this point no further traveling teams are being requested.

Going forward we are working with leadership in Nashville, Covenant, Illiana, and Ohio Valley Presbyteries to plan long-term recovery options. One possibility that is under serious consideration is deploying Sheds of Hope. If that is the desire of Nashville Presbytery and the Bowling Green congregation, we will be back in touch with you to request your assistance. At this point we are not requesting volunteers or financial resources for this event. However, that could change in the weeks ahead if need is determined and requested by Nashville Presbytery. If that happens MNA Disaster Response will be in touch to request your partnership. We are especially cautious to never appeal for recovery funds before we have all the facts in hand and a solid plan in place to respond; in this case and at this point MNA Disaster Response is not coordinating a major response and no funding is needed. - AH

Disaster Response Training
Saturday, January 22, 2022
9 am  - 3 pm
MNA Charles H. Jones Family Disaster Response Warehouse
Rome, Georgia
Join us at the MNA Disaster Response Warehouse on January 22 for an overview of disaster response ministry. Topics to be covered include: Who We Are and What We Do, 18 Ways to Serve, Disaster Response Basics--What You Might Be Doing, Caring for the Hurting, and more. To learn more and to register, visit this link:

Why Aren't You Doing Something?

by Mike Kennamer

The top article last month was one that described how MNA Disaster Response serves local churches and how we, as a ministry, often have to wait until churches in the disaster zone are ready for us to help. After all, we plan for this all year, so we are eager to respond when disasters strike. But for the people in the path of the storm, it doesn't matter how prepared you are, it is still a shock to the system.

Think about your life now. You are busy, figuratively spinning a dozen plates at any given moment. But what happens when a disaster strikes? You might think that all those plates fall to the ground and your sole concern is recovery from the storm. However, that is usually not the case. While there may be delays and schedule changes, most people still have to go to work, get their kids off to school, care for aging parents, shop for groceries, etc. Their intense routine is not stopped, but just disrupted by power failures, transportation delays, and interruptions in the supply chain.

As disaster responders, we are ready to go. The gas tank is full. We have our Go Bag ready. Sleeping bag is in the truck. Tools are ready. We have cleared our schedule for the next week or two. Let's go!

It's not about us.

While our zeal to serve is admirable, we must remember that we do this work for the glory of God and the benefit of those who are hurting.

It's not about us.

Recovery takes time and while there are disaster response groups on the ground before the dust settles, we need to respect the wishes of the churches in the area who need more time to process, to plan for the next steps, and to grieve.

It's not about us.

When tornadoes hit our area there were immediately people out ministering to those who were impacted. There were enough sandwiches given prepared the day after the storm to feed the entire state. But I sat on my front porch and prayed.

A year later, all the sandwiches were gone and a small team of dedicated churches continued to serve those who had been devastated by the storms.

If you get frustrated that the PCA is not out in force in Mayfield, KY or any of the other places that storms hit, just know that MNA DR staff are in contact with the churches and presbyteries in the area and are ready to roll whenever the invitation is given.

But until it is, we will continue to faithfully pray for those affected and pray that God would place us where we need to be, when we need to be there. And we trust that He does.

If you didn't read last month's article, you may check it out here.

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Quick Notes

  • Future Work Days - Mark your calendars for upcoming work days at the warehouse. We start at 9 am Eastern time. Please notify Mike Kennamer if you plan to attend.
    • January 8
    • February 12
  • Financial Update - As of November 30, our ministry contributions are about $2,620 higher than the same period last year. Expenses are $6,156 higher than last year. This is due to increased expenses due to multiple disasters in our region and supporting other regions through the warehouse.
  • Training Calendar - Now is the time to get on our calendar for training and church visits this winter and spring. We love to visit churches to share about the ministry. Please contact Mike Kennamer to schedule a visit. Thanks to the churches that have already scheduled your dates.
  • 2022 Fundraising Goal - Our proposed budget for 2022 is $48,000, which includes $12,000 in operating expenses and $36,000 in personnel expenses. To learn more about ministry needs for 2022, please download our 2022 goals brochure here.
  • Training at the MNA Warehouse - We will host a training session from 9 am - 3 pm at the MNA Warehouse in Rome, Georgia on Saturday, January 22. Topics to be covered include: Who We Are and What We Do, 18 Ways to Serve, Disaster Response Basics--What You Might Be Doing, Caring for the Hurting, and more. To learn more and to register, visit this link:

Warehouse Work Days

Second Saturday Work Days continue at the MNA Disaster Response Warehouse in Rome Georgia continue. People often ask how many people typically show up for work days. The answer varies. In November, we had 24 people from 6 churches in four states (GA, NC, SC, TN). In December we had one couple from New City Fellowship in Chattanooga TN. Regardless of the size of the group, we always serve together to accomplish the work of the ministry. In December, we sorted T-shirts that will be going to one of our missions partners in Haiti.

Please plan to join us in 2022 for our Second Saturday Work Days. Contact Mike Kennamer for more information or to RSVP.

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