One year on…


This week marked one year since the World Health Organisation declared the Covid-19 outbreak a global pandemic, and the start of a drastic change to all of our lives.


It has been a busy 12 months here at Blossom Africa, as we’ve supported the communities we work with in Bunambutye through the pandemic. As well as our savings groups, we’ve reached out to support people living in a resettlement camp in the local area, who were relocated following devastating landslides in 2019.

Handwashing stations ready for distribution to the community

Thanks to a generous grant from the Welsh Government’s Wales and Africa scheme, we have been able to support the community to keep themselves safe from the virus, through hygiene training, access to handwashing facilities and support to the local community healthcare team.


Government restrictions have made it harder for people in the community to make a living and afford the basics for their families, so we have also supported with access to additional crisis funds through the established savings groups, and the provision of emergency supplies like maize, salt, soap and seeds.


Over December and January, we launched the pilot of a goat keeping project, providing 30 people with goats and training on how to rear them. We hope these goats will provide milk, manure for fertiliser, and an alternative source of income for families reliant on subsistence farming, who are vulnerable to the changing climate.

As our Covid-19 response project draws to a close, and the world begins the journey back to ‘normality’, we are reflecting on how Blossom Africa can have the biggest impact in the communities we work with. We’re also working behind the scenes on a new website which we look forward to sharing with you soon.


Thank you for your continued support.

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