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Alpha Alumni Association
Annual Meeting

October 24, 2020

  • The meeting was called to order at 10:05 by president Jeff Gaylord with the following attendance:
    • Jeff Gaylord
    • Jim Main
    • Les Nelson
    • Dave McMillan
    • Isaac Winter
    • Greg Hinds
    • Scott Schnuckle
    • Ted Ringsred
    • Scott Shields
    • Mike Dean
    • Greg Schwab
    • Jason Golde
    • Jim Klang
    • Lynn Jamison
    • Lucas Koecher - Active
    • Thiago Kono - Active
    • Chris Jetter - Active
  • Reports
    • Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer Jason Golde

For period Jan 1, 2020 through October 23, 2020


17 Dues $510.00
10 Scholarship $671.00 
Other $0.00 

PayPal Fees ($21.01) 

Interest on Checking Account $0.44 

TOTAL RECEIPTS $1,160.43  


4/3/2020 Website Annual Maintenance $173.94 


WELLS FARGO CASH BALANCE, OCT 23, 2020 $6,319.74  

Scholarship 0.00  
Website, UMD 0.00
Other 0.00  


  • It was agreed that $3000 be transferred to the Scholarship fund
  • Scholarship Fund
    • $90,345.69
    • Efforts are being made to augment this fund greatly
  • Update on Dues/Donation Collection Process
    Discussion was lengthy on dues and donations.   There was agreement that the dues needed to be increased to $60-100, but be broken out into both alumni association expenses and scholarship for the excess.  To make this easier for members, there is an invoicing method through PayPal that is already in place, but needs to be modified to explain the division of funds.  Jason expressed concerns about PayPal expenses which are 3-5%.  If there is a yearly donation, a month needs to be established for drawing invoiced dues. To avoid charges, funds can be directly transferred to our Wells Fargo account:
    Wells Fargo Bank N.A.
    • Alpha Nu Omega Alumni Association
    • Routing Number 091000019
    • Account Number 3970252130
  • Secretary’s Report – Secretary Jim Klang
    • Membership
      • Current Listed Members: 350
      • Members with email addresses: 224
      • Members with standard addresses: 340 (unsubstantiated)
      • Phone numbers: 331 (unsubstantiated)
      • Efforts are ongoing to augment and verify contact data
    • Alumni Board
      Jeff Gaylord, Jim Klang, Jason Golde, Jim Main, Les Nelson, Gary Gilchrist, Laird Goodman, Scott Schnuckle (Added as Advisory)
    • Websites have been established at much lower cost:
    • Newsletters:
      • Fall newsletter to follow annual meeting
      • Solicitation newsletters at end of November
  • Scholarship Committee Report 
    • Committee Chairman Tom Kraus submitted the following summary:

      Since we met last October in Duluth at our 60th Reunion we have awarded 3 scholarships.  Two to seniors and one to a junior.  Augusto Kono Bobelhak was awarded the Butch Orrick Award in the amount of $2078.  Eric Franzwa was awarded the Brooks Knodt Award also in the amount of $2078.  Lucas Koecher was awarded the John Banks Award in the amount of $2765.  We did not have in person interviews with each one of the candidates but Tori Seymour, our contact with UMD through the Kirby Student Center, provided us with questionnaires and an application rubric.  The committee felt since we had talked to each one of the candidates at the Reunion that follow up interviews would not be needed.  A glitch has occurred when the award funds were to be distributed this fall.  It appears that Eric is only taking 9 credits this semester since he will be graduating in the spring.  Our Scholarship rules state that awardee has to be a full-time student in order to receive funds.  We tried many approaches to rectify the situation but to no avail.  Eric then suggested that he would take 12 credits in the spring semester and he could then be provided with half of the award.  The committee felt this was a good approach and expressed our opinion to UMD for their action. 

      In January and February, a new group of applicants will be providing the Committee with new information.

      Respectfully submitted
      Tom Kraus

    • There has been no resolution from the University of Eric’s situation.  The Committee felt that the scholastic situation at UMD is unusual with the virus.  Eric made efforts to add credits that he did not need to become full time, but was notified of the problem too late to add anything.  They recommend that he be given the full amount in the spring when he is full time and will be graduating.
      UPDATE: The University has determined that Eric will be awarded half the scholarship in the spring semester.
    • Scholarship Solicitation
      • We have been working with the U of Mn Foundation to provide more options for donations to our Scholarship Fund
      • Rob Hofmann of the UMD Development Office is helping us to make the options easier
      • We are also trying to get more information about donations and donors to the fund through this portal
      • A special series of newsletters will be sent out at the end of November to solicit funds and outline options in conjunction with links on our website "Dues and Donations" page
      • The goal is to double our fund so that it can provide the equivalent of one year’s full tuition
  • Active Chapter Report - Lucas Koecher (president)
    • 12 active members with 2 new freshman members this fall
      • They are focusing on development of the new members since they will be the future of the organization
      • The two new members are working on the large ANO letters for rushing and other activities for minimal cost
      • Brian Kirkes agreed to pay for materials
    • Alphas are living in two houses which provide a main and a secondary activity location
      • Their goal is to keep one primary as the essential fraternity house
    • They raised funds last semester driving for sober cab
    • Paraphernalia
      • New pins have been designed
      • Apparel with Alpha logos
    • Covid-19 is impacting the campus and fraternity activities
      • University restrictions have made things difficult
      • Rushing was online with zoom meetings that were weird
      • There was a 10P curfew for awhile
      • Alphas have limited events at their primary house
      • Other fraternities have either not pledged or were limited to small numbers
    • Greg Hinds requested bond book signatures
      • The actives did not hold an initiation banquet in the spring
      • A formal initiation signing is upcoming
  • President’s Report – Jeff Gaylord
    • Alumni Association / UMD status
      • Restrictions due to Covid-19
      • Meetings must be online which brings pluses and minuses
    • The Board will continue to work to try to tackle issues facing the organization
  • New Interest in Board Positions
    • For those interested in joining the Board, there are 4 available advisory positions available.
    • Minimal demands on time
  • Snaps
  • Adjournment at 11:20 A.M.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Klang - Secretary


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