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New Horizons Champagne January 2020

Hello <<First Name>>. Welcome to a new direction in discovering domain bottled grower Champagne direct from the vigneron.
  Champagne Philippe Glavier - Cramant Grand Cru
47 parcels of Chardonnay spread across the Grand Crus of Avize, Cramant, Oger and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger totalling 4.4 hectares. Classic tank fermentation with full malo-lactic. Dosages are all at 5gm or less. A tiny producer focusing on highest quality Chardonnay across top quality vineyards. 

Using a small 2,000kg pneumatic press allows greater selectivity and control of small parcel harvesting and vinification. 27 of the parcels make up the majority of the vineyard area and these are in prestigious Le Mesnil-sur-Oger and Oger vineyards - totalling 75% of their production. So even though Philippe is based in Cramant he only has small holdings in Cramant. Why Cramant? His wife’s side of the family own the cuverie and buildings in Cramant. So we should really regard Glavier as a Le Mesnil-sur-Oger producer. The style here is all about intensity and precision. These are not ‘pretty’ party wines. Theses are serious vinous masterpieces that offer a profound statement about their terroir. Vintage wines are only produced in exceptional years. In an effort to expand their business and alleviate some tax burdens, Champagne Glavier has become a Negociant Manipulant, with the desire to buy grapes from conscientious like minded grape growers. Sadly this is not an easy task. There are some excellent grape growers in Cramant who are happy to sell to the big houses but not sell to their village neighbours and friends.

Champagne Glavier La Grace d'Alphael Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru  Pre-arrival $62.50  
Pure and vibrant in style, this cuvée is dedicated to the angel of knowledge and light. Philippe purposefully ages this on lees for less time, to accentuate the chalky mineral overtones and allow the terroir to speak. Based on 64% 2016 and reserve wines from 2015 and 2014. Dosage 5g/l. 18% Cramant, 36% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 23% Oger and 23% Avize. Vibrantly chalky and mineral, very precise purity. The blend here is slowly evolving with less 'fat' of Avize in the overall makeup. On the wine list at Lakehouse Daylesford.

Here is what Tyson Stelzer wrote on last years version
Philippe Glavier captures his aspiration in a bottle from the very first cuvée: youthful vibrancy and purity that articulate the mineral personality and seriously strict structure of the grand crus of the Côte des Blancs. A full straw hue, this is a savoury cuvée of apple skin and spicy pear character, cut with a line of vibrant grapefruit acidity. Purposely aged for the minimum duration on lees, it hasn’t had sufficient time to build integration and silkiness, which leaves a firmness and bite to the finish. Phenolic grip melds confidently with heightened, fine, salty chalk mineral personality that defines its core components of Avize and Le Mesnil-sur-Oger. It concludes with impressive persistence and confidence; a cuvée brimming with character and terroir detail, if not polish.
Champagne Glavier Genesis Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru  Pre-arrival $79.50
Genesis is the subtly different to Alphael – with longer lees time – large scaled and intense but with great length and elegance. Based on 82% 2014 with reserve wines from 2013. 14% Cramant, 37% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 21.5% Oger and 27.5% Avize. Dosage 4g/l. A slightly different vineyard selection and longer time on lees ramps up the weight and power. Majestic Chardonnay with ultra-fine mousse. Round and saline with citrus and hints of floral. This leans to being more of a food wine. Palate staining!

Here is what Tyson Stelzer wrote on last years version
Richer parcels and a year longer on lees than Grâce d’Alphaël build a very serious and captivating representation of the four neighbouring grand crus that define the core of the Côte des Blancs. Spicy apple, crunchy nashi pear, tangy lemon curd and grapefruit contrast the subtle toasted biscuit and honey character of two-and-a-half years on lees. The chalk minerality of Le Mesnil takes the lead in a super-fine and salty structure, beautifully toned by the silky creaminess of lees age. It holds with grand cru persistence and impressive line on a long finish.

Champagne Glavier La Grâce d'Hakamiah Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru  Pre-arrival $77.50 
Based on 2014 with reserve wines from 2013. 10% Avize, 40% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 40% Oger and 10% Cramant. Dosage 4g/l. A  new cuvee from Philippe designed to reveal more minerality and intensity. The blend here follows along the same line as the rare vintage wine in a more relaxed and open style. A little less Avize in the blend and a little more Oger compared to the Genesis makes a subtle difference. This is my favourite Glavier Champagne since I like the racier minerality of this compared to Genesis. .  VERY LIMITED

Champagne Glavier Rubellite Celeste Rose 
Grand Cru
Based on 2013 with reserve 40% wines from 2012. 6% Avize, 24% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 24% Oger, 6% Cramant, 28% Ambonnay Pinot and 12% Bouzy rouge. Dosage 4.5g/l. A new more classic rose designed along a Grand Cru blend of Cote des Blancs and Ambonnay Pinot with Bouzy rouge added for color and perfume. Phillipe is using his new Negociant status to buy quality grapes from Ambonnay. He makes another rose based on Chardonnay / red wine blend which is nice, but this new more classic blend is very interesting, ticking all the boxes, sour cherry, minerality, smoky sherbet. VERY LIMITED

Champagne Glavier Émotion 2012
10% Avize, 40% Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, 40% Oger and 10% Cramant. Dosage 4g/l. Vintage wines are few and far between with Glavier. Rigorous selection of best parcels results in intensity and purity.  Hugely mineral and chalky. The vineyard mix is similar to the Hakamiah but a stricter selection of parcels and juice. There is not much of this so the only fair way to ration it, is to put it into an Etude discovery 6 pack. Very very limited.

Champagne Glavier Ratafia Pre-arrival $106.00

Ratafia can be a much forgotten Champagne wine. This is basically fortified grape juice. Foritfied with spirit made from Champagne pressings and other leftovers and then aged in barrel. In theory the grape juice has to be last pressing, taille or something of less than superior quality. In theory!  Not here. Glavier use there best chardonnay juice and best quality spirit to create an absolute masterpiece. This an explosive conundrum of aromas and taste sensations. Minerals, citrus, brioche, candied fruits, almonds with lovely acidity. Ratafia Champenois of this quality is rare!

Champagne Glavier Etude Selection Pre-arrival $461.00
An exclusive 6 bottle selection of the Glavier range including the limited bottles. Only 12 packs available.
2 bottles Glavier Alphael, 1 bottle each of Genesis, Hakamiah, Rubellite and the rare Emotion 2012.

The entire range of Glavier Champagnes are a delight and are no longer a secret. The US fine wine importer Terry Theise with Skurnik Wines has discovered them. Prices will be on the march. The Skurnik range includes many famous producers, including Pierre Peters,  Pierre  Gimonnet and Vilmart.

Theise says - Glavier’s wines are strong, analog, they compare to Gimonnet as vinyl does to CD.

Champagne Glavier La Grace d'Alphael Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru  Pre-arrival $62.50   (Landed $93.75)
Champagne Glavier Genesis Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru                   Pre-arrival 79.50   (Landed $119.25)
Champagne Glavier La Grâce d'Hakamiah Blanc de Blancs G Cru  Pre-arrival $77.50  (Landed $116.25)
Champagne Glavier Ratafia                  Pre-arrival $106.00 (Landed $159.00)
Champagne Glavier Etude Selection Pre-arrival $461  (12 packs only available). (landed $692) Limit 1 per customer.

If you are looking for relevant information about what is happening in the local Champagne market, I can highly recommend Sara Underdown's Vine and Bubble Magazine and Website. Australia's only Champagne Magazine. Many influential and industry leading contributors make this a very interesting new concept for a very large Champagne market.
Pre-arrival prices are only valid until the offer closing date January 9th. Then landed retail prices apply.
Payment upon invoice. Orders can be mixed but must be minimum 6 bottles and then multiples of 6.
Quantities of some wines are limited and may sell out.
Deliveries during the summer months are subject to cool weather in your area.

                                             ORDER FORM
La Grace d'Alphael Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru   $62.50     ____
Genesis Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru   $79.50                  _____
La Grâce d'Hakamiah Blanc de Blancs G Cru   $77.50   ______
Ratafia      $106.00      _____
Etude Selection       $461.00    ______

All the Glavier Champagnes are very limited so I may have to allocate them out as fairly and evenly as possible.   This Pre-arrival offer closes on January 9th 2020. Wines due late January. Email me to order.

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Best wishes for a safe and happy New Year.
Victor Pugatschew
Champagne de Vigneron
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