Also: Why I Said Nothing When My Med School Professor Made Racist Remarks
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January 22, 2020

Dear Cog reader,

All eyes are on the Senate this week, as it begins the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. We can’t help but look back on all the moments that have gotten us to this point -- and all the Cognoscenti commentaries we’ve published along the way. Through the early, news-filled days of the administration, to the historic mid-term elections of 2018, to the speculation surrounding the Mueller Report, to revelations about the events in Ukraine that led to this very moment.
Rich Barlow was already wondering if it was time to impeach the president in December 2017, in a commentary that looked at “Impeachment: A Citizen’s Guide,” by Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein. Julie Wittes Schlack was urging caution last spring, tacitly endorsing Speaker Pelosi’s dual approach of legislation and investigation: “Trump must go,” she wrote, but “his enablers must go with him.” And just last fall, Steve Almond offered scathing analysis of the Republicans’ impeachment strategy.
We’ll have more on impeachment in the coming days, and in the weeks ahead.

-- Cloe Axelson
Cognoscenti, co-editor

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