Also: As Menopause Nears, Be Aware It Can Trigger Depression And Anxiety, Too
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January 18, 2020

Happy Saturday,

I have a personal invitation for you: Join me at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 10 for a discussion with panelists who argue that the current health-care crisis "is not about being too busy, working too hard or managing complex medical conditions. It's about not being able to do what we, as clinicians, know is right for patients." You can get your tickets here for "Moral Injury In Health Care." 

— Carey Goldberg, CommonHealth editor

The Rundown

'I See This Story A Lot, But It's Hidden': A Dermatologist On Ayanna Pressley's Alopecia
“My dermatologist spoke to me with hushed tones as if someone died. [The video] reduces the shame of it," said Alba Anthony, a woman from New York who posted about her own diagnosis of alopecia after seeing Pressley's video.

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As Menopause Nears, Be Aware It Can Trigger Depression And Anxiety, Too
A significant number of women — about 18% among women in early perimenopause and 38% of those in late perimenopause — experience symptoms of depression. And symptoms of anxiety appear to be more common during this time leading up to menopause, including panic attacks.

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Boston Hospital Leader: U.S. Health Care Has A Bureaucracy Problem
"Administrative complexity" is the health policy term for every time you've tried and failed to understand a medical bill or needed multiple phone calls to get prior approval from your insurance company for care you needed. And that complexity is a massive and growing problem in the U.S. health care system.

Vitamin Treatment For Sepsis Fails In Large Trial
Researchers had hoped that a simple treatment involving infusions of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and steroids would work against a disease that kills an estimated 270,000 people each year in the United States and 11 million globally. But the evidence doesn't support it. 

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Addicted To Sugar? This Doctor Says It's 'The New Tobacco'
“It's not a habit. It's an addiction. And anybody who says, 'Oh, you know, I have this horrible sweet tooth.' That's sugar addiction. So sugar is addictive in the same way as alcohol, in the same way as nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine, heroin, shopping, gambling, social media, internet pornography."

How Can I Become A Fat-Burning Machine?

🚨 A new episode of "Food, We Need To Talk" dropped this week. 🚨
For months, host Juna Gjata asked every expert she interviewed the same question: "If you could tell people to change only one thing that would have the biggest impact on their health for the rest of their lives, what would it be?" To her surprise, none of them focused on food. All had the same answer... Give it a listen to find out. 
1/27: Jennifer Hirsch and Shamus Khan: "Sexual Citizens"
Carey Goldberg, editor of CommonHealth, interviews Jennifer Hirsch and Shamus Khan about their groundbreaking book, "Sexual Citizens: A Landmark Study of Sex, Power, and Assault on Campus," which looks at sexual assault as a public health problem. Their study was profiled in the New Yorker last year. Copies of "Sexual Citizens" will be on sale via Porter Square Books. Hirsch and Khan will sign books following the discussion. Buy tickets here.


I Survived Getting Hit By A Truck, But Nothing Could Save Me From The Medical Bills That Followed "I will never forget the Good Samaritans who bandaged, medicated and healed a stranger they’d never met before he was prone and broken on a gurney," writes Rich Barlow. "But their caring talents shouldn’t be available only to privileged people like me, with insurance and income to pay for that care."

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Did you know that the calorie count for almonds and cashews may be lower than originally thought? That's good news for all you KIND bar fans. 

Correction: Yesterday's WBUR Today incorrectly identified Cognoscenti contributor Nancy Rappaport as a psychologist. She's a psychiatrist. We regret the error.
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