Getting Hit By A Truck And Then, The Medical Bills
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January 15, 2020

Dear Cog reader,

On a hot July morning in 2016, the phone rang early. An emergency room nurse told me my husband had been in an accident. She wouldn’t say more. “Drive carefully,” she said. At the hospital, my husband was conscious, but he lay still, his eyes closed. His chin and half his face were bloody. The nurse told me he’d been crossing a busy street when a pick-up truck hit him.

I watched a doctor move his legs and feet, and realized, with horror, that she was checking to see if he’d been paralyzed. He wasn’t. He had no internal bleeding. He had many injuries -- broken bones, a brain injury, a punctured lung -- and months of healing before him, but we were deeply lucky. He recovered.

Later, we realized we were lucky in another way: Insurance covered most of the tens of thousands of dollars of medical bills, which included three days in a neuro ICU. My husband is regular Cognoscenti contributor Rich Barlow. You can read the story, in his words, below.

— Kathleen Burge
Co-editor, Cognoscenti

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