Also: Sanders widens lead in N.H.; impeachment trial recap; a heated debate over graduation gowns in Braintree
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January 23, 2020

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Good Morning Boston,

🌞 Sunshine and clouds. Highs 40-45.

Today: Senate impeachment trial starts at 1 p.m.; new poll results from New Hampshire; a push to protect Boston's street trees. 

Got milk? Some senators did yesterday during the impeachment trial, and it made for a light moment during an otherwise heavy day. Only water and milk are allowed on the Senate floor, a funny rule that goes back to 1966. It's one of the few ways Senators can "treat" themselves during the hours of presentations. Republican Sen. Tom Cotton made a joke about his milk-drinking on Twitter during a break. Don't worry, he didn't bend any rules: senators may not use their phones during the trial, but can swing by the Senate's "candy desk," as Cotton evidently did.

— Meagan McGinnes

The Rundown

1. Sanders Widens Lead In N.H. In New WBUR Poll
Biden, Buttigieg and Warren are clumped in a close battle behind the Vermont senator, with less than three weeks until the New Hampshire primary.

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2. U.S. Official Claims Deported Iranian Student's Family Has Ties To Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah
The official also claimed Abadi has close family ties to a transport company sanctioned by the U.S. government in 2010 for allegedly providing support and weapons to Hezbollah on behalf of the IRGC.

3. Proposal To Use One Color For Graduation Gowns Sparks Heated Debate In Braintree
The colors at Braintree High School traditionally break down along gender lines on graduation day: usually girls wear white and boys wear blue. But some think using one color would be more inclusive, especially for students who are transgender or gender non-binary.

4. Street Trees Could Help Boston Adapt To Climate Change. If They Can Survive, That Is
Boston is thinking more strategically about planting and preserving trees to help its residents -- especially those without as much tree cover -- become more climate resilient.

5. Impeachment Trial Recap: Senators Implored To Consider Magnitude Of The Moment
The matter before the Senate isn't just President Trump's conduct, but no less than the fate of the Constitution and America's role in the world, House managers said on Wednesday.

Anything Else?

  • We know stress gives us gray hair, but a new Harvard study gives us an explanation as to how and why. 

  • Boston Symphony Orchestra President and CEO Mark Volpe is preparing to step down next year.

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