Also: Top of the Hub to close; why there are less Airbnb listings in Boston this month
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January 16, 2020

Good Morning Boston,

☁️ Cloudy, a few rain or snow showers. Sub-zero wind chills at night. Highs 38-43.

Today: Senators sworn in for impeachment trial; Holy Cross student killed in crash; why there are fewer Airbnb listings in Boston. 

First there was Spygate. Then Deflategate. Now a scandal with no name about sign-stealing. ("Trashgate?") It's true that Boston sports fans are not strangers to defending their teams' titles amid cheating allegations. 

Some Boston Puerto Ricans told us they were "very disappointed with the team" not giving Alex Cora a second chance. Wall Street Journal sports columnist and Mass. native Jason Gay thinks Boston should "put together a nice banner for yourself: 'Best At Cheating.' And raise that to the rafters." Read both stories below and let us know if you think Boston is "Title Town" or "Cheater Town."

— Meagan McGinnes

The Rundown

1. Is Boston Title Town Or Cheater Town?
"There has been a lot of scandals, but they've consistently won for a long time," says one sports fan from Texas. "So, they have to be doing something right."

Related: Boston Puerto Ricans To Red Sox: 'We're Very Disappointed With The Team'

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2. As Bernie Sanders Climbs, His Supporters Say Thanks For Noticing
Bernie Sanders is raising more money than any of his Democratic competitors. He's at or near the top of several recent polls. But many of his supporters maintain that the media and establishment Democrats are biased against him.

3. Holy Cross Student Killed, 13 Injured In Florida Crash
The team was in two vans heading to a match when one was struck by a man driving a red pickup truck. Initial reports indicate that the van turned into the path of the truck. As of 3:45 p.m. Wednesday, six students and a team coach were still in area hospitals.

4. If It Seems Like There Are Fewer Airbnb Listings In Boston, That's Because There Are
The number of Airbnb listings went from 5,500 in November to 3,780 in December — a 31% decrease — according to the city of Boston. The dropped listings were not registered with the city as of Dec. 1.

5. Senators To Be Sworn In For Trump Impeachment Trial
This is expected to be the extent of the "action" this week. Senators will likely head home for the Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, and the essence of the trial will get under way next Tuesday.

Anything Else?

  • The Top of The Hub restaurant and Skywalk Observatory are closing.

  • If you're looking for something to do this weekend, how about a thought-provoking film festival or a book reading by some local drag queens?

  • Boston Mayor Marty Walsh made a pledge last week to raise $500 million to build more affordable housing. Let's not repeat the sins of racial segregation with this next housing plan, writes the authors in this group commentary.

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