Issue #56

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are enjoying the weather as it’s started to warm up here. I’ve been happy here with my new Mac Studio and Pro Display. I can tell Xcode has been much happier.

I recently had a really great conversation about Server-Driven UI with Mohammad Azam. It made me realize when it came to cross-platform development this sounded like the best solution. I highly recommend checking this episode out.

Server-Driven UI with Mohammad Azam

Also if you live in the world of Xcode as I do, you’ll find this episode with Dominik Hauser very helpful. Dominik Hauser of comes on to talk about the development tool we all use Xcode and the gives us a few tips on how to improve our use of it.

Xcode Tips with Dominik Hauser

The next batch of episodes are already planned with some changes from last time. If you have any questions for any of our guests before our recordings, let me know:

  • Apple Developer Academy with Sarah Gretter

    • publishing on 5/18

    • recording on 5/16

  • Micro-Archtecutre with Majid Jabrayilov

    • publishing on 6/1

    • recording on 4/28

  • WWDC 2022 with Peter Witham

    • publishing on 6/8

    • recording on 6/7

  • Developer Productivity with Rudrank Riyam

    • publishing on 6/15

    • recording on 6/13