Issue #55

The new web site is launched and going!

Thanks to everyone for taking a look and giving me feedback. I’m looking forward to continue improving it but for a big chunk of the work is out of the way.

The BrightDigit Site

We have brand new episode on Swift packages and the Swift Package Manager!

Swift Package Manager Super Powers with Marco Eidinger

We are joined by Marco Eidinger, Lead Architect for SAP Cloud Platform SDK iOS to talk about this way of delivering and packaging pieces of your code or SDK. Check out the episode on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite podcast player.

The next batch of episodes are already planned till WWDC. If you have any questions for any of our guests before our recordings, let me know:

  • Xcode with Dominik Hauser

    • publishing on 4/18

    • recording on 4/8

  • Developer Productivity with Rudrank Riyam

    • publishing on 5/1

    • recording on 4/15

  • Open Source with Khoa

    • publishing on 5/14

    • recording on 4/20

  • Server-Driven UI with Mohammad Azam

    • publishing on 5/27

    • recording on 4/25

  • Micro-Archtecutre with Majid Jabrayilov

    • publishing on 6/9

    • recording on 4/28