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Peter FletcherParkinson’s Awareness Week has come and gone, it’s almost June so it must be the start of our Parkinson’s Academy MasterClass season.

Our Advanced MasterClass kicks off on Tuesday 7 June for 3 days and its 26 participants feature a rich mix of experienced clinicians from the specialties of Care of the Elderly, Specialist Nursing, Rehabilitation Medicine, Psychiatry and Pharmacy. As ever the teaching Faculty is drawn from a similar breadth of professions which like those of our participants, have at their core, working with people with Parkinson’s. Meanwhile our Foundation MasterClass in September 2016 is fully booked and we are now taking bookings for March 2017.

Further developments are also featured below to which I would add two that occur on a less than annual basis!  The first is the World Parkinson's Congress this September, and this year see the launch of safinamide...

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New pathway maps out referral process for non-oral treatments

Non-oral Parkinson's pathwayA new best practice pathway for the use of non-oral treatments in Parkinson’s has been devised by clinicians to make the referral process for these therapies more explicit.

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Non-oral therapy regional roadshows

We are launching a series of regional roadshows which explore the new guideline pathway in detail, giving clinicians a road-map for the use of non-oral therapies (apomorphine, intestinal levodopa gel infusion (Duodopa) and deep brain stimulation).

The first roadshows will be held in:

  • Newcastle, 3 October 2016
  • Manchester, October 2016 (date TBC)
  • Birmingham, November 2016 (date TBC)
More dates and locations to be announced soon.

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MasterClass participants learningOur track record of success

During Parkinson's Awareness Week 2016 we highlighted why the innovative, interactive learning style at the Parkinson’s Academy sets it apart and how the inter-module projects carried out by its graduates are changing the face of Parkinson's care.

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Foundation MasterClass course dates

The next Foundation MasterClass is being held in March 2017. The course is designed for non-final year registrars, SpRs, Parkinson’s nurses within the first 18 months of post, pharmacists, clinical fellows and clinical lecturer. 

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Berlin 2016: the clock is ticking

The 20th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders takes place in Berlin this year in just a few weeks. Many of our faculty and graduates from the MasterClass programme will be there - let us know if we will see you there, or if you would like to meet to discuss the Academy in more detail.

20th International Congress of Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders, Berlin 2016

Commissioning Support
Service redesign and pathway development support

Perhaps one of the less visible services we provide as part of the MasterClass programme is service redesign and integrated care pathway development.

All the clinicians who undertake our MasterClass programme will in some way participate in an appraisal of their own service when they undertake their intermodule project. After the course our team can support your provider trust or work with local clinical commissioning groups to ensure services are redesigned to improve patient outcomes and service efficiency.

Find out more about the services we offer on our website.

Multiple Sclerosis Academy
New MasterClass launches

MasterClass participantsFollowing the success of the Parkinson's Academy, we are launching the first ever MS MasterClass. The course is for non-specialist MS neurologists and final year registrars and will be held in Sheffield in September. If you would like to join us, find out more on our website.

Patient perspectives
Education at the Academy always comes back to listening to the needs and concerns of service users. For MS Awareness Week 2016 we spoke to a patient and a carer to find out more about their experiences of living with MS.

"My MS nurse is always my first port of call"
Chris told us why his MS nurse is so important: "I’ve never seen the same GP twice and I don’t feel they are clued up on the MS. Anything MS related I would bypass them all together and go to the nurse. I suppose it’s why the nurse is there, provided they have the capacity to see me."

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John and Sarah"It's a massive strain on me"
John gave up full-time work to look after his wife Sarah and their children since her MS diagnosis 5 years ago:

"It’s a massive strain on me, especially when I had a mini-stroke a while ago, but I deal with it, it’s what I’m there for. I’d not even thought about finding out or asking what help there is for me, I didn’t know there was anyone to speak to about it."

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Dementia Academy
Creating dementia care pathwaysReport from th
e first MasterClass

Sarah Gillett writes about the first Dementia MasterClass in the ACNR journal. The event was a great success and Sarah explains what you can expect from the MasterClass in future.

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MasterClasses coming up

There are still 2 places left on the June MasterClass which is for secondary care professionals only. The next Dementia MasterClass will be held on 19 October in London for a mix of professionals. There are 15 remaining places available for GPs with an interest in dementia,

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Epilepsy Academy
MasterClass in the pipeline

We are planning to launch an Epilepsy Academy in the near future. If you would like to receive information and updates about this course, visit our website.

XADAGO (safinamide): Something new in Parkinson's disease
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