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GreenYourMove Newsletter #3

GYM: an innovative co-modal journey planner, targeting GHG emission minimization
Upcoming Developments
GYM makes Intercity Transportation more Efficient!

GYM makes Intercity Transportation more efficient by developing synchronized timetables between trains and buses.
But, what is that?

Passengers who want to take an intercity journey via public transport in Greece, should use either the Railway Network (TRAINOSE) or the Intercity Bus network (KTEL).

However, neither one of those networks cover all the possible transitions from each city to another throughout the country. Thus, some journeys involve changing modes — from say a bus to a train or vice versa (co-modal travelling or co-modality). That can only happen in stations that are part of both TRAINOSE and KTEL (intermediate nodes). 

Although co-modal travelling is often necessary, daily schedules of TRAINOSE and KTEL do not necessarily support co-modality due to many reasons (e.g. operational). This results frequently in long waiting times at intermediate nodes. 

GYM, utilizing its network (that involves TRAINOSE and KTEL), uses advance mathematical modeling to develop synchronized timetables between TRAINOSE and KTEL, in order to adjust daily schedules and minimize waiting times at intermediate nodes on average 12%, and in some cases up to 30%!

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GYM News

25 Greek public transport operators participated in 3 GYM workshops!

25 transport operators joined the 3 GYM workshops that took place in Volos (18/4/2016), Athens (20/4/2016) and Thessaloniki (22/4/2016). The experimental GYM platform was presented to the participants and the GYM database was thoroughly analysed.

Transport operators learned about the methodology which will be used for emission calculation and for identifying the optimal routes. The main topic discussed during the workshops was the involvement of the transport operators in GreenYourMove platform and the benefits both for the passengers and the transport operators.

Transport operators from Athens, Thessaloniki, Achaia, Argolida, Trikala, Karditsa, Magnissia, Fokida, Xanthi, Thiva, Patras, Lamia, Volos, Larisa, Aigio, Komotini, Kastoria and Kavala declared their full support to GYM via constant database updates, dissemination actions while they also filled questionnaires which regarded the operators, and the fleet management systems they currently utilize.


You may find here the full list of transport operators supporting GYM, and next a video from Greek Public Television Channel (ET3) covering the workshops.
GreenYourMove in ERT3 news

Greek Public Television (ET3) covers the GYM project & workshops.

New GYM Blog is online!

Visit our new blog and get familiar with recent trends in transport policies, open platforms for mobility, smart cities, emissions’ estimation methods, co-modality issues and of course news about GYM progress and outputs.
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GYM participation in 3rd International Conference on
"Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change"
GYM was present during the 3rd International Conference on “Energy, Sustainability and Climate Change” (ESCC 2016) that took place in Marathon Athens, Greece, on July 10th – 16th, 2016.

Dr. Georgios K.D. Saharidis, Assistant Professor in the department of Mechanical Engineeringin UTH and coordinator of GYM was one of the Conference’s chairmen, while a whole session (Session 3: GreenYourMove – Sustainability) was dedicated to the project.

The project team from EMISIA and University of Thessaly presented methods of environmental optimization of co-modal passenger trips, while University of Thessaly placed emphasis on optimization methods in journey planning platforms and the problems caused by Benders decomposition method.

CHAPS, the Czech partner of GYM, focused on issues of public transport data and services through the partner’s experience in Czech Republic and Slovakia. Plannerstack, the Dutch partner of GYM, presented a travel information toolbox that offers plug & play, dynamic and multimodal travel information services and applications.

Photographs from the event

Greek public transport network in GYM database

16 cities of Greece with population more than 50.000 people are involved in GreenYourMove platform and database.

GYM team has developed the database and included public transport data for Athens, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis, Chalkida, Florina, Ioannina, Katerini, Komotini, Lamia, Larissa, Patras, Serres, Thiva, Trikala, Volos and Xanthi.

Apart from itinerary data (stops, routes, timetables), GYM database also hosts emission data (vehicle types, engine types) and dynamic data (weather, traffic, elevation, speed, number of passengers) all necessary in order to deliver the environmentally friendliest routes to passengers combining all kinds of public transportation.

Good Practices
Real time public transport information @ Attica!

OASA developed the OASA Telematics application, which provides real time information about the city buses of Attica prefecture.

By using OASA Telematics, passengers have a variety of tools in order to plan their transportation. Though the application’s tool “Nearest Stops”, they can be informed about the nearest bus or trolley stop regarding their current location.

They can also be informed in real time for the location of a bus, through “Location of Buses” tool. In addition, the application has a journey planning tool which provides the optimal route that has to be followed in order to reach a destination point from a current location by minimizing the waiting time in interconnections.

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2016 European Strategy for low-emission mobility

The European commission recently published the EU strategy for low-emission mobility (Download the strategy here). The strategy sets clear and fair guiding principles to Member States to prepare for the future and shift to low-emission mobility in terms of carbon and air pollutants.

The ambition is clear: by mid-century, greenhouse gas emissions from transport will need to be at least 60% lower than in 1990 and be firmly on the path towards zero. Emissions of air pollutants from transport that harm our health need to be drastically reduced without delay.

The main elements of the Strategy are to:

  • increase the efficiency of the transport system,
  • speed up the deployment of low-emission alternative energy for transport, and
  • move towards zero-emission vehicles. 
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Calculate and compensate for your CO2 footprint

The Swiss Non-Profit Organization, ΜyClimate provides an on line tool where anyone can calculate his/her own CO2 footprint from a large variety of activities like a flight or a car trip etc.

The amounts of the compensation will be used in climate protection projects or in the promotion of energy-efficient technologies. Furthermore, there are educational programs that aim at delivering knowledge relating to climate protection.

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European Mobility Week: Smart & Sustainable Mobility

1.488 cities from 39 countries have registered their events during the European Mobility Week, from 16th to 22nd of September.
This year European Mobility Week is held under the banner of 'Smart and sustainable mobility - an investment for Europe', referring to the close ties between transport and economics. The benefits of smarter mobility apply across the board - from the public to the private sector, from society at large to the individual.

In 2016, European Mobility Week is encouraging local politicians and the public to look at smart and sustainable mobility as an investment for Europe.

Check out the events your city organizes and get involved!

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New resources for sustainable mobility and efficient transport systems

1.    Τhe EU strategy for low-emission mobility has been published. The strategy aims at decreasing greenhouse gas emissions from transport by 60% compared to the emissions during 1990. The main elements of the Strategy are to:

•    increase the efficiency of the transport system,
•    speed up the deployment of low-emission alternative energy for transport, and
•    move towards zero-emission vehicles.

For more information, click here.

2.    A route map to a connected Europe has been proposed by the European Investment Bank.
For more information, click here.

3.    CIVITAS Insight 15 focuses on intermodal passenger transport and emphasizes the need to make the interchange as seamless as possible, because switching transport modes can very often be a nuisance for travelers. The reader can examine tools and support mechanisms for multimodal solutions.

For more information, click here.

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