Lab Report #19
As long as you're green, you're growing 🌳
Welcome to this very special edition of Lab Report 🌿 We are excited to announce a green project we've been working on, and we've also got a guide to Google's Merchant Centre so you can free up time while your ecommerce advertising runs itself. Scroll down to learn more about the feature photographer this month 👀✨
As Zero Waste As Possible (or AZWAP, for short)
3 months ago, we launched an internal initiative to be kinder to the environment. As Zero Waste As Possible (AZWAP) has energised our team to be thoughtful in our consumption 🌱 Read our latest blog to learn why we started and how we've been reducing our waste ♻ You can also download our guide to help you along your AZWAP journey 💚
Gimme that green initiative

Some rules need to be made

Google’s shopping feed management can get a little frustrating at times - download errors, keywords stop appearing, illogical product structures 🛑 Our latest blog will teach you how to use supplemental feeds and rules to make Google Merchant Center run like a dream 🌙
Mr Sandman, send me a feed

A lot can happen in a thousand years

Seeing the world change can be a scary thing, and this collection of graphs is pretty terrifying. Before you click the link, remember Nelson Mandela's words: "Let us remember that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it."
Show me the horrifying truth about what we've done to the planet
This month's featured photographer is @d.ajredin. She is a keenly perceptive photographer, capturing languorous summers and contemplative human behaviour. Click here to watch her video, SUMMER, or click here to purchase her lovingly crafted zine, People

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