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Happy Thursday <<First Name>>

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and New Year. We were supposed to head down to New York to see family, but it was an abbreviated trip due to multiple positive covid-tests in the family. So, we spent the past few weeks lying super low.

While Covid is never good, it forced us to hit the brakes and relax. I read The Storyteller by Dave Grohl. The next book up is Kings of Crypto by Jeff John Roberts. I watched the first season of Mindhunter on Netflix, a show about studying the psychology of murderers by the FBI with my wife Sherri. With my interest in sports cards, I opened up a box of Flux basketball cards and pulled a super rare case hit of Lebron James (Full Capacity SSP), which I subsequently sold on eBay as I have little interest in that particular card.

If you are a Nirvana/Foo Fighters/Dave Grohl fan, the Storyteller book is a pretty solid read. I am a fan of DG and met him once in Park City, so I wanted to dive into the book because I feel a particular connection to him and his work. I also went to the opening of the Sound City documentary in New York courtesy of my brother back in 2013. The book is a quick read full of interesting stories. He name drops a ton which usually is not my thing, but that’s OK; it’s Dave Grohl after all; his life is surrounded by folks like Paul McCartney, Joann Jett, and Elton John.

Like many of you, I’ll be assimilating back into the work schedule this week. Wish me luck! :)

Here’s a few reading links to get started with:

As always, please reach out with any questions/comments about making this OP better or any way I can be of help.


Business Idea: LegalZoom for Job Descriptions

Whenever I’m not thinking about work, I usually am most creative and come up with business ideas. One of the ideas that I came up with during this break was an organization that provides excellent job descriptions to companies who are hiring. The job descriptions could also be accessed via a self-service portal. I believe these descriptions will get companies 70-80% of the way there… and the company can modify and tweak to get the extra 20-30%.

You could have multiple descriptions per job depending on the type of candidate the company is looking to attract. For instance, you could have two different Chief Marketing Officer descriptions: heavily creative/big idea/innovation skewed and one who is more performance marketing/advertising/analytically skewed.

My initial reaction to this idea when trying to poke holes in it was that an exec or professional recruiter might do some of this for you already. They might, but not everyone uses an executive recruiter for each search.

One of the top requests to me is from hiring managers or functional leaders looking for job descriptions for a variety of roles.

With that said, I still think there is room for this idea, and professional services recruiting firms may be a subscriber to these job descriptions.

There's plenty of room to use automation and brief interviews to customize/personalize each description.

Kinda like LegalZoom for Job Descriptions.

Know of something that exists or anyone building this?

Articles To Read

Here are some articles that I came across this week which you might enjoy. If you have any good recommendations for next OP, do let me know.

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How NFTs Became a $40B Market in 2021 (FT)

Tokens in the Intention Economy (Cobie)

Thank You for Reading

Thanks for reading OP #199. 

Let's make this an amazing 2022.

Darren / @dherman76
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