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From the President
Dear SIO Members and Colleagues,

January has been a busy and productive month for SIO committees, special interest groups (SIGs) and task forces. Our recent Board of Trustees meeting focused on advancing key priorities that were identified at the 2019 year end leadership retreat.

SIO is in the thick of 2020 conference planning, with keynote and plenary speakers finalized. The call for workshops and abstracts will go out this month and grant applications have been submitted for the Weil Foundation, the Hecht Foundation and the R-13.

SIO's trademarking initiative is progressing.

In the area of advancement, we have created new giving levels and identified key areas of interest where donors may elect to direct their contributions. SIO's web page is being revised to reflect these changes. 

The Call for Nominations for new trustees was announced in January and will close at 11:59 pm ET on March 31, 2020. (Read Call for Nominations below.)

Santosh Rao, MD, SIO Finance Committee chair, reported the SIO 2019 conference was an overall success in financial aspects, with the significantly increased number and levels of support and exhibitors.

SIO's committees, SIGs and Task Forces have all met and developed their membership and meeting schedules for the year. We are excited about the vibrant and robust activity occurring in all groups and we applaud the work being done to make the 2020 conference even more outstanding than SIO 2019.

As always, I thank our leadership and our members for their ongoing commitment to and support of the work done by our Society to advance its mission and fulfill its goals. 

Outside SIO, there has been some exciting news in the field of integrative medicine. The biggest news is that on January 21, Medicare decided to cover acupuncture for chronic low back pain.
Lastly, with a heavy heart, I have been watching the novel Coronavirus epidemic unfolding fast over the past few weeks. My heart goes out to the people in Wuhan, China and the rest of the areas being affected by the virus. Let us hope the situation will improve soon.

Take care,

Ting Bao, MD, DABMA, MS
President, SIO
Call for Board Nominations Closes March 31
The Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO) is accepting nominations from SIO members to fill anticipated vacancies on its Board of Trustees. SIO welcomes the nomination of individuals who are researchers, clinicians, clinical researchers, patients and patient advocates. The submission deadline is March 31, 2020. 

Eligibility: To be eligible, candidates must meet the following criteria:

• Current SIO Member (or will join)
• Interested in and committed to advancing and maintaining the integrity of          integrative oncology
• Willing to contribute at least 5-10 hours per month toward SIO activities
• Willing to participate in SIO advancement, including fund raising
• Willing to participate in the annual SIO conference (2020 conference will be      held October 16-18 in Baltimore, MD)
• Willing to participate in teleconference call meetings every other month and      attend and participate in one annual Board retreat and meeting at the SIO          Conference. (The 2020 daylong retreat to be held October 15 from 8 a.m.-4      p.m. in Baltimore, MD.)
• Willing to co-chair an SIO Committee, Task Force and/or Special Interest          Group
Complete Details HERE
SIO Welcomes Jodi MacLeod as
Jodi MacLeod is an integrative oncology writer who has been involved in SIO since 2016. She also fills the role of SIO Patient Advocate Task Force Secretary to PATF Chair, Betsy Glosik.

As a breast cancer survivor and oncology patient advocate, she serves as Patient Partner Co-Investigator for two comparative effectiveness research trials funded by PCORI (Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute), and has participated in the National Coalition for Cancer Survivors Network’s CPAT (Cancer Policy and Advocate Team) lobbying efforts on Capitol Hill.
Jodi is enthusiastic about integrative oncology therapies, especially massage therapy, tai chi, mindfulness meditation and yoga, which help her manage long-term effects of cancer and its treatment. She is thrilled to bring her secretarial skills to the Executive Committee to advance the goals and mission of SIO.
SIO Website Work Begins
In 2019, SIO committees, SIGs and Task Forces identified key areas where the website could be enhanced for overall appearance, accessibility and impact. The Communications Committee created a Website Re-Design Sub-Committee, led by the Communications Committee co-chair, Sheila Garland, PhD, with fellow co-chair, Eugene Ahn, MD, PATF chair, Betsy Glosik, SIO Secretary-Elect, Jodi MacLeod, Communications Committee member, William LaValley, MD, Patient Advocate, Teresa Martin, and SIO Research Committee chair, Viraj Master, MD.

Thanks to the input of many SIO members, the sub-committee will review the list of key areas to begin work on the website and submit a work proposal to the Executive Committee.
The newly formed Yoga Special Interest Group (SIG) is a cross-cultural, multidisciplinary team comprised of clinicians, researchers, yoga professionals and patient advocates, all sharing a passion for patient-centered cancer care. At its first group meeting in January, 36 members were present - an impressive number!  Leigh Leibel, MSc, Columbia University Medical Center, and Raghavendra Rao, PhD, Senior Scientist of the Clinical Research and Head CAM Program at Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd., are the 2020 Yoga SIG co-chairs.
Yoga SIG's mission is the advancement of evidence-based yoga as part of a comprehensive, integrative healthcare program to improve the lives of people affected by cancer. Its 2020 theme is Empowering Providers and Patients through Education and Awareness.
Yoga SIG initiatives will focus across four key domains that are aligned with SIO’s mission: communication, education, research and professional development. 

Educating key stakeholders and creating awareness around the evidence-based application of yoga for cancer / NCD risk reduction and supportive cancer care is a Yoga SIG priority. The group has already developed its two-year strategic plan and identified six key initiatives for 2020 in support of SIO objectives:
  1. Develop Yoga Programming for 2020 SIO Annual Conference
  2. Increase General SIO Outreach & Education
  3. Encourage Collaboration with SIO Colleagues
  4. Form a Yoga SIG Peer Support Group 
  5. Create an Event for International Day of Yoga 
  6. Develop a Yoga Therapy Template for EMR / EPIC
February Webinar 
FDA Approved?
Inside the FDA Approval Process for
Botanical Products in Oncology

Thurs, February 27, 2020, 12:00 - 1:00 pm ET
Interested in safely using botanical products in patients diagnosed with cancer? Thinking of investigating integrative products to help treat or prevent symptoms of cancer, such as turmeric, mushroom compounds, or antioxidants? Get a look inside the FDA regulatory process from an FDA "insider!" Tara Berman, MD, medical oncologist and clinical reviewer for the FDA, takes you behind the scenes and answers all your questions about the FDA regulatory process. Don't miss this rare opportunity to engage with the FDA on submitting botanical product applications in oncology.
The webinar will be moderated by Eugene Ahn, MD, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and SIO Communications Committee Co-Chair.
Webinar is free to SIO members and $20 for non-members.
Register HERE

Tune in to Episode 9 of the SIO-sponsored podcast, Integrative Oncology Talk, The Intersection of Conventional and Complementary Therapies, with Debu Tripathy, MD.
Dr.Tripathy is a professor of medicine and chair, department of Breast Medical Oncology at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and a past president of SIO. This podcast discusses complexities in integrative oncology research, how research can advance the use of integrative oncology and its perception, how to find mentorship, and the importance of translating research into clinical practice.

Integrative Oncology Talk episodes are available through Apple Podcasts and wherever you access podcasts.
2020 Integrative Medicine Events 
12th International Copper Meeting | September 20-25, 2020, Sorrento, Italy

This biennial conference is the premier venue for bringing together clinicians, scientists, and trainees focusing on various aspects of copper biology, chemistry, and therapeutics. The meeting provides a unique opportunity to identify clinical needs, discuss new findings, and rapidly disseminate ideas and methodologies, all prerequisites for translating fundamental discoveries into therapeutic interventions. Topics to be covered include the role of copper in inherited disease, neurological disorders, microbial infectious disease, and cancer and cellular differentiation and proliferation. 
Register HERE
NIH-NCI International Perspectives on Integrative Medicine for Cancer Prevention and Cancer Patient Management  May 20-21, 2020, Natcher Conference Center, NIH Main Campus, Bethesda, MD.

                 Registration closes February 14 and seating is limited. 
Register HERE
SIO Past President Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, and SIO Board member Gabriel Lopez, MD, of MD Anderson Cancer will be featured presenters at this upcoming Integrative Medicine Program Workshop.
Register HERE
Herb of the Month 
Black Cohosh

We chose black cohosh for this issue because it is used by breast cancer patients and survivors to relieve vasomotor symptoms.

A perennial herb, black cohosh was historically used by Native Americans to treat colds, cough, rheumatism, kidney disorders, malaria, menstrual disorders, to relieve symptoms such as night sweats associated with menopause, and to induce labor and lactation. Black cohosh has gained popularity in the United States and in Europe over the last few decades as a non-pharmacological therapy to alleviate menopausal symptoms. However, available clinical data of its effectiveness are not definitive. In a retrospective observational study of breast cancer patients, black cohosh was reported to improve disease-free survival. Further research is needed.

Hepatotoxicity is a concern with use of black cohosh. Abnormal hepatic function, hepatitis and hepatotoxicity have also been associated with its concurrent intake with prescription medications ... link to our monograph.

Show Your Support of SIO
SIO welcomes your support of our Society, which helps us develop projects and educational programs to realize our mission of advancing evidence-based, comprehensive, integrative healthcare to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

In 2019, SIO raised $4,600.00, which will be used to support one person from Africa to attend SIO 2020 in Baltimore. Details are coming soon on how you can nominate someone for this travel award.
Your Support Benefits Integrative Medicine Everywhere!
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