What's new in Homey v5.0?

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We’ve just released Homey v5.0, a massive update and it’s packed with new features. Most likely, your Homey has already updated itself. Let’s dive in, and see what’s new!

We've summarised everything that's new in Homey v5.0. Head over to our blog to read the announcement!


Apps Spotlight

With Homey v5.0, many new apps have been released, and even more have been updated.

Below are a few apps we absolutely love. However, this list doesn't do justice to the enormous amount of great apps that have been published to the Homey App Store. 


IKEA Trådfri

The IKEA Trådfri app has been updated, and now supports a few new devices, mostly remotes.


INNR offers a wide variety of Zigbee lights, ranging from screw-in bulbs to LED strips.


Simply send Tweets from your Flows. You can even attach images to your Tweets!

Lidl Smart Home

Lidl has started selling very affordable Zigbee products some time ago, and of course they work with Homey.

Xiaomi Aqara

Great and affordable Zigbee devices from Xiaomi Aqara. They're popular with good reason!

Tesla Smart Charger

When the Tesla is plugged in the charger and home, this app can handle the charging.


For those who enjoy having their own media server at home, they can now connect Homey with Plex.


Multi-room sound makes your smart home sound great.

Did you already know that since v5.0 you can let your Sonos say something?


Frient offers high-quality sensors, alarms, and smart plugs that work on Zigbee.


Ding-dong, who's there? DoorBird is a smart doorbell that works on Wi-Fi.


💡 Did you know

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