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Connect your devices in the Homey Web App.

It's now possible to connect your smart home devices not only in the Homey Mobile App, but also from within the Homey Web App.


Large devices in the Homey Web App

For a few weeks now you have been able to see all your devices in a table. We just added a new 'Large' option to the Homey Web App. Go check it out!


Homey Videos

🎬 Alex has been very busy filming videos. Go watch 'em!

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Everybody knows that SONOS makes some great wireless speakers for around the home.

But, did you know that by connecting SONOS to Homey, you can create some unique & useful smart home Flows?


Are Xiaomi Aqara's line up of Zigbee smart devices are a great option for a smart home on a budget?

Small, durable, reliable, and well-designed, these Zigbee devices make for attractive options when shopping around.


Are the FIBARO devices any good? Let's explore the more plug & play devices from FIBARO; featuring the Door Window Sensor 2, Wall Plug 2, MultiSensor, Button, Keyfob, and Heat Controller.


You can now set your status on Homey (Away, At home, Awake, Asleep) by using your voice assistant.

You can quickly change your status in the same way you can activate any of your favorite Flows, "..., activate Away", or for example "..., start at home".

Get Homey+

Have you already purchased Homey+?

Homey+ is just € 0,99/mo for daily backups that are securely stored in the cloud.

You can also get a 15% discount if you buy one year pre-paid for € 10,- in the Homey Store.


Did you know

In the Homey Store, you can pre-pay for more than one year.
Simply add Homey+ more than once to your shopping cart.

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