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Four Flows for your bedroom, help test the Homey iPad app

Make the most out of your smart bedroom with these four Flows

The bedroom is a place find some peace and quiet and the ultimate room to relax.

There are countless ways to automate your bedroom. Smart curtains on the wall, smart speakers and smart lights in the ceiling and on the nightstand. To make the most out of your bedroom, we have some fun bedroom Flows for you.


Help test the Homey iPad app

We are almost ready. The Homey iPad app is in the last phase of testing. And you can help us.

Enroll in the testing programme and you gain immediate access to the new Homey iPad app. Help us move towards a release even faster.


Superfast smart curtains

Make your curtains smart with Slide. Plug Slide onto existing curtains and automate them easily.

Naturally, Slide talks with Homey. And to celebrate the introduction of Slide to the Talks With Homey store, we are giving you a 30 euro discount up until Sunday, April 5th. Get Slide for € 269 instead of €299.

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