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What's new in Homey v6.0?

Homey v6.0 has been released — a major update with a focus on Bluetooth LE.

So, what is new in Homey v6.0?

Performance & Stability
Homey v6.0 includes many optimisations for Bluetooth LE devices, for increased performance and stability.

Bluetooth LE Notifications
Homey v6.0 adds support for Bluetooth LE Notifications. Developers can update their Homey Apps to make use of this new functionality.

Your Homey will automatically update. Alternatively, you can update manually by going to More (...) > Settings > Updates in the Homey app.

Mi Flower Care Plant Sensor

To celebrate Homey v6.0, we've arranged a discount for a Bluetooth LE plant sensor.

The Mi Flower Care Plant Sensor is a unique device that measures your plant's moisture, humidity, temperature & light.

Create a Flow when your plant needs water, or alert yourself when you've watered it too much.

We've asked our friends at XiaomiProducts for a discount, and they were happy to give all Homey customers € 5,- discount on a € 19,95 sensor.

That's € 14,95 each for a Bluetooth Plant sensor. Great deal, we think. Use discount code HOMEY during checkout to claim your discount.

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